CESA™ Additives Overview

Discover the far-reaching uses for these versatile polymer additives

Cesa Additives Overview

The CESA™ product line includes a comprehensive portfolio of masterbatch additives for use with all commercially available polymers. These additives offer opportunities for you to greatly improve the properties, performance and quality of finished products, while also optimizing productivity and costs. 

Specified in virtually every major market and industry, CESA masterbatch additives are used across a broad range of applications, including these plus many more:

-    Appliances – large or small industrial and household appliances
-    Consumer Goods – vacuums, food components, computers, power tools
-    Electrical & Electronics – alarm systems, smart home controls, connectors
-    Household & Office Goods – containers, bins, utensils, writing implements
-    Furniture – indoor and outdoor
-    Hygiene Products – toothbrushes, razors, combs
-    Baby Products – bottles, cups, car seats, strollers
-    Sports, Leisure, Gardening – snow equipment, pet accessories, garden tools
-    Toys – puzzles, blocks, balls
-    Agricultural – greenhouse film, shade cloth, pond liners
-    Industrial Applications – conveyor belts, valves, water filtration
-    Building & Construction – pipes, profiles, junction boxes
-    Construction – safety, lighting, insulation, wire & cable
-    Transportation – under-hood, interior, exterior

A broad selection of standard additives is available, or we can develop custom masterbatches, as well as masterbatches combining active ingredients with selected pigments and dyestuffs, to meet your special requirements. With advanced technology, unparalleled creativity and global expertise, we are uniquely positioned to help you make your products the very best they can be.

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