Powering Up

Electrical & Electronics

You're facing numerous challenges, from competitive and cost concerns to design and production pressures. Do you need to reduce weight, manage heat or EMI/RFI, provide stiffness and strength, and attract consumer attention? We can help. Our portfolio of solutions, together with our design and processing experience, can help you leap over the hurdles and surpass the status quo.

Focus Areas

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is expanding quickly and there is tremendous market potential. We have the material experience in a broad range of energy applications including solar power, wind power, battery and fuel cells to help you deliver value and innovation to your customers.

Computers & Peripherals

You need to ensure your products function well, are safe, appeal to consumers, and you need to manufacture efficiently. We can help. Our broad array of specialty polymer solutions can solve technical challenges such as managing static electricity, heat transfer away from sensitive components, providing EMI/FRI shielding, and more, in the colors and with the haptic your consumers welcome. 

Connectors & Components

Choosing the right materials for your products can be a tricky process. Material selection can be a balancing act between over engineering or underperformance. We help you select the optimal polymer system for your specific application.

Electronic Equipment

Collaborate with Avient to find solutions to help differentiate your brand, increase product reliability, meet relevant standards and produce efficiently

LEDs & Lighting

Consider replacing metal heat sinks and housings with our specialty polymer solutions to reduce weight, increase design options, manage heat, and boost your manufacturing efficiency.

Mobile Devices

Talk to us to learn more about polymer solutions that support next-generation designs of dependable devices in the colors and soft-touch haptic your consumers want.

Power Management

Specialty polymer solutions from Avient help you design functional power management devices that meet relevant standards and support your goals for sustainability, safety and dependability. 

Wearable Technology

Contact our experienced team to collaborate globally on the design of your lightweight next-gen wearable devices with brilliant aesthetics and haptic. 

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