Shelf Appeal,
Product Protection

Envasado nutracéutico

Consumers are trying to lead healthier lifestyles today. Whether it’s in solid or liquid formats, they’re adding more nutraceuticals to their daily intake. With an ever-growing number of products reaching the shelves, packaging differentiation has never been more important.

Consumers are seeking the health benefits that these vitamins, dietary or nutritional supplements, and energy drinks can provide. So packaging that protects their investment and delivers the expected benefits over time is critical.


  • UV additives that deliver protection for your light sensitive products
  • Liquid or masterbatch colorants to provide shelf appeal and product protection 
  • O2 Scavengers that actively scavenging oxygen from sealed packages, increasing shelf life for O2 sensitive products
  • Soft touch TPEs for over-molded caps to help your consumers open your products more easily 

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