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MagIQ™ Liquid Fiber Colorants

Putting a New Spin on Fiber Coloration

This breakthrough technology combines advanced liquid color formulations with state-of-the-art, high-pressure metering equipment to enable late-stage injection of liquid color for polyester melt spin coloring.

Liquid color is injected at high pressure into the polyester melt-flow between the end of the extruder, or melt-pipe, and the spin head. The extruder is never contaminated with color which translates into faster, more efficient color changeovers that make low volume and custom color production a reality. MagIQ Fiber Colorant Solutions can help you achieve the color precision and color fastness of conventional masterbatch spin coloring, while giving you the production flexibility of traditional aqueous dyeing.

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  • Multiple color production: Several injection points can be added to enable multiple color production at the same time on a single extruder, Batch size flexibility: Fiber producers can manufacture anything from a few kilograms to hundreds of tons using the same simple process, Rapid color changes: No extruder contamination and easy color-on, color-off operation increases color change speed, Waste reduction: Rapid color changes, precise metering and the ability to adjust color in-line reduces waste during color changeovers, Color design service: Avient offers a dedicated color design service to help shorten product development cycles and enhance market agility

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