Polyolefin Standard Whites

REMAFIN™ EP White Masterbatch Concentrate Range Polyolefin Standard Whites

Compatible Packaging

Our medical-grade masterbatches provide hundreds of standard colors as well as custom formulations and concentrates for the medical industry. When it comes to enhancing a polymer with color and functional additives for healthcare applications, you can trust our product range and services to meet your needs.

Benefits of REMAFIN™ EP Concentrates

The REMAFIN™ EP concentrate portfolio is focused on polyolefin standard whites in compatible resins used for pharmaceutical packaging. Use one packaging material across all administration types in accordance with US and European regulations and help future-proof your packaging.

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  • Suitable for bottle-making processes such as EBM, IM, IBM and BFS
  • Concentrate addition rates adapted to your processes, at lower usage levels and costs
  • Polymer carrier adapted to the performance requirements of the packaging
  • Extremely high color loadings and superior dispersion for optimum performance



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