VIDEO: Effective Vibration Damping

Learn how to reduce the effects of impact and vibration, add value to your products in ways your customers can really feel

Our TPE vibration damping technology can reduce the effects of impact and vibration, improving your customer’s experience and increasing your top line profits. You can now meet varying physical and performance requirements in a broad range of applications.

Vibration Damping Products

Grade color hardness compression set special
Versaflex™ VDT 4132 Natural  32A 12% @ 73ºF Maximum damping
Versaflex™ VDT 5120-40 Natural 42A 20% @ 73ºF Nylon bonding
Versaflex™ VDT 5110-50 Natural 52A  21% @ 73ºF PC/ABS bonding


Damping Products Comparison

The following charts have been generated by dynamic mechanical analysis, DMA. The curves show the Tan Delta, representing the ratio between the viscous and elastic response of a viscoelastic material. A higher curve indicates a better ability of the material to dissipate energy, better absorption of the energy of impact or vibration.

Damping vs Standard Nylon Overmold

Damping vs Standard PC/ABS Overmold

E-Book: Smart Materials™ - Vibration Damping

Vibration in hand-held tools can cause discomfort and potentially lead to muscle and joint damage. Download this e-book to explore the different types of vibration and identify ways you can use materials to mitigate the problems it causes.

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