Wilflex™ Oasis™ Intense Series

The Wilflex™ Oasis Intense Series system is the newest addition to the Wilflex Oasis line of aqueous screen printing inks, offering a non-PVC system that complies with most brand Restricted Substance List (RSL) requirements. Engineered as a high-solids system, Intense offers an incredibly soft and smooth print with zero surface tack. Print performance on the press delivers extended open screen time along with the versatility of using wide of mesh counts based on design parameters. 

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New Innovation in WaterBase High Solid Technology

Wilflex Oasis Intense Base

Intense Series offers more than traditional high-solids aqueous systems. Brilliant color reproduction and a tack-free surface, plus improved cure properties deliver performance on the garment and press and provide the look and feel required in today’s market. From a wide range of print applications and designs capabilities, Intense Series delivers a complete solution to the printer seeking a high solids, water-based system. Oasis Intense Black is our best solution (PVC and non- PVC chemistry) for fighting fibrillation, outperforming competitive blacks in wash fastness and color.   

Color mixing capabilities include a mixing white along with our Wilflex Oasis Pigment Concentrate color palette, which provides the color spectrum to match any custom or brand color. It is available in IMS 3.0 Ink Mixing Software.

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