The Changing Face of How and Where We Work

ColorForward 2022 predicts shifting work/life balance will influence how people react to color

New Work City Idea

ColorForward 2022, the Avient annual color forecasting guide for the plastics industry, presents stories associated with four societal trends along a palette of colors that can be expected to influence consumers in the next few years. One of those trend stories is New Work City.

The work/life challenge
Even assuming the Covid-19 is no longer a major threat by 2022, the way people work will have been unalterably changed, the Avient color-trend specialists believe. Many will continue working from home. Business meetings will not necessarily involve travel but rather can be held virtually and work can be completed from essentially anywhere. Some companies may opt to eliminate much of their office space altogether.  

Finding a work/life balance, already difficult pre-Covid, becomes even more complicated and staying connected to co-workers will be more challenging. On the other hand, home workers can enjoy more flexibility and the opportunity to get out of doors and enjoy nature to a greater degree. Office space that does remain could be transformed to include pods that prevent the spread of germs and cleaning staff will now also be responsible for sanitizing. So that is what New Work City is all about; it’s about trust, flexibility, freedom and adaptability, but it also about feeling safe, secure and happy wherever and whenever one works. 

The colors
Biophylic design, a building design concept that seeks to link work and living space more closely with the natural world, inspired the creation of an agave green named Home tree home. This color family also includes a yellow-infused red that is dubbed Guarda come sgomito, which is an Italian phrase that refers to someone fighting his or her way to the top of their career. Then comes a very dark denim blue that the team named Surf ‘n’ suit. The dark blue symbolizes the trust and confidence that companies and employees need to feel in each other when working remotely, but it also is somewhat playful suggesting the flexibility that people can have in work lives. A very bright, fluorescent yellow, is called Anywhere goes! This color is about creativity, about reinventing yourself and the freedom to work anywhere. Presented in cooperation between ColorWorks and Avient Design, the same color is used in the 3D printing of the toy duck that has become the mascot of the ColorForward team.  The last hue for this trend story is a transluscent black-infused purple with a glitter effect that is intended to sort of poke fun at all the virtual meetings, teleconferencing, and so on that have become such a big part of life. It’s called Sharon ... you are on mute ...

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