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PLASTIWARD Counterfeit Protection

Counterfeit Products: Fight Fakes & Protect Brand Value

Counterfeiting is a serious and growing problem, affecting not only the supply chain but each of us individually. Counterfeit products pose a serious risk to human safety, with the potential to cause injury or damage brand reputation. Developing strong anti-counterfeit protection is therefore essential to reduce the risk of low-quality, dangerous goods from circulating in the market. Together with SICPA, we’ve created a cost-effective, low-impact solution that can help our clients tackle the problem.

Counterfeit Components
The estimated global losses resulting from counterfeiting of high-end consumer goods amounts to many billions of dollars, including automotive supplies, apparel, consumer electronics, electrical components, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural products. Low-quality fake goods continue to enter the supply chain, causing injury and death to unwary consumers and damaging company revenue and brand reputation. Not only are these products readily available on the internet and in street markets, they are also present in the legitimate supply chain, camouflaged by reputable products.

Functional Benefits
The result of a partnership between trusted security provider SICPA and Avient, PLASTIWARD is an end-to-end security solution that integrates taggant molecules into your products’ polymer masterbatch. Through the use of a handheld device, we offer signal alerts through an inspection platform, providing full control and real-time monitoring. PLASTIWARD allows you to take swift counter-measures to reduce the possible infiltration of fake plastic products in the supply chain, thereby reducing the risk to consumers’ safety and damage to your company’s revenue and reputation.

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  • Compliance & Security – Tailor-made approach to meet security and compliance needs minimize impact on production
  • Real-time Monitoring – User-friendly device provides instant response and allows prompt, effective counter-measures
  • Brand Protection – System made up of physical components and end-to-end brand protection in seamless process
  • Customers in Control – Hands full control over to customers, thus avoiding liability claims, loss of sales, image damage, and market loss



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