Crosslinked Formulations

Colorant Chromatics™ Crosslinked Formulations

Bonded for enhanced properties

By blending in a combination of special additives, these high-temperature, functional formulations are crosslinked when exposed to electron beam radiation. Crosslinking refers to the bond between two different polymer chains that creates new chains with improved properties. Colorant Chromatics™ crosslinked formulations offer reliability and consistent quality for the high-end aerospace industry. Benefits of these exceptional formulations include improved cut-through resistance, abrasion resistance, and mechanical toughness. 

Available in small and large quantities, as off-the-shelf or proprietary tailor-made formulations, these crosslinked formulations offer multi-functional performance in a single product. Products are offered as pre-colored or custom-colored solutions and are available for ETFE and PVDF resins.

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  • Solutions suited for high-performance aerospace applications
  • Improved properties such as abrasion resistance and mechanical toughness
  • Available in quantities suited to your application
  • Pre-colored or custom-colored solutions



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