UV Laser Marking for FEP

Colorant Chromatics™ UV Laser Marking Technology

Permanent, high contrast marking 

Fluoropolymers (FP) are a common choice for high performance wire and cable applications in many industries due to their ability to withstand high heat and corrosive environments. Fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) is a preferred material for cable jacketing or insulation of a conductor, and often needs to be marked.

Colorant Chromatics™ UV Laser Marking technology for FEP allows a permanent and gentle marking of wire and cable surfaces. It provides excellent contrast and ensures integrity of the surface. This proprietary UV laser technology is a good choice for many applications in the wire and cable industry, and is especially suited for aerospace and aviation.


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  • Permanent marking with outstanding contrast of 60-80% to meet aerospace industry standards SAE AS4373F and EN-3475-706
  • Benign marking will not damage surface of the jacket as compared to infrared (IR) laser marking
  • Lasting mark will not peel or scratch off as with traditional printing solutions
  • Suitable for aerospace applications such as optical fiber or data transmission cables

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Colorant Chromatics™ FEP UV Laser Marking (Chinese) Product/Service Overview Product description, key characteristics and markets/applications (Chinese language version) Ver
UV Laser Marking Technology for FEP Product/Service Overview Product description, key characteristics and markets / applications  Ver
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