UV and Light Blocking for rPET

ColorMatrix™ Ultimate™ UV390R Light Barrier 

UV Absorbing Additive Technology Designed for Improved Recyclability

Part of the ColorMatrix™ Ultimate™ range, Colormatrix™ Ultimate™ UV390R is a patented liquid light-blocking additive formulated for rPET that can help extend the shelf life of UV-sensitive food, beverage, personal care, and home cleaning products.

The formulation is specifically designed for improved recyclability and combines UV content protection with improved processability. This ensures that packaging with higher usage rates of rPET can maintain adequate UV barrier functionality and improved rPET processability. With an improved reheat performance, the solution also aids in reducing carbon footprint, and has no impact on the recyclability stream. 

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Recycle Solutions


  • Broadband UV protection (290-390nm)
  • Improved bottle-blowing performance with high levels of rPET
  • Improved recyclability with superior processability – resistant to mold plate-out
  • High clarity, transparent bottles with slight toning capability
  • Improved mechanical strength – lightweighting opportunities
  • Reduced energy consumption – reduced carbon emissions
  • Worldwide availability with broad regulatory clearance
  • Benzotriazole free



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