Zylon® PBO Fiber

Zylon® PBO

High Strength & Flame Resistance

PBO was first developed in the 1980’s and is extremely strong and flame resistant. It is also the first organic fiber whose cross-sectional strength outperforms both steel and carbon fiber.

Zylon® PBO is a rigid-rod isotropic crystal polymer that is spun by a dry-jet wet-spinning process.


Common Types & Deniers
AS: Standard modulus
HM: High modulus
Deniers: 250, 500, 1000, 15 00, 3000

Zylon® is a trademark of Toyobo Co., Ltd.

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  • Excellent strength & modulus
  • Good flame resistance
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Excellent creep resistance
  • Good chemical resistance

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Zylon® PBO Data
Property Standard Modulus High Modulu
Breaking Tenacity (g/d) 42.0 42.0
Specific Gravity (ratio) 1.54 1.56
Elongation at Break (%) 3.5 2.5
Tensile Modulus (g/d) 1200 1800
Equilibrium Moisture Regain at 55% RH (%) 2.0 0.6
Creep at 40 - 48% ult tensile strength (%) 0 0
Shrinkage dry air 177 ̊ 30 mins (%) <1.0 <1.0
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