Recycling Testing & Evaluation

CycleWorks™ Innovation Center For Plastic Recycling

Testing and Evaluation Facility to Explore Real-world Recycling in a Research Environment 

CycleWorks serves as a collaboration platform for value chain partners to advance mechanical plastic recycling. It conducts cutting-edge research to solve fundamental issues in mechanical recycling.  CycleWorks can develop recycling-friendly product solutions to increase the recyclability of plastic products and, by understanding the chemistry of polymers in the mechanical recycling process, it can provide data to help develop new and unique polymer formulations.

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Recycle Solutions


  • Provides a portfolio of solutions that are field-tested for recycling
  • Can run recycling trials according to standard recycling protocols
  • Helps enable customers’ recyclability and sustainability goals
  • Advances the circular economy
  • Screens and evaluates additive and colorant systems in the recycling process
  • Supports R&D work to solve major issues in the recycling process
  • Provides a collaboration platform for customers and value chain partners



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