Automotive Light Diffusion Additives

Cesa™ Light Diffusion Additives

Balances Diffusion and Transmission

Cesa™ Light Diffusion Additives enable manufacturers to develop consumer-pleasing automotive lighting systems that also meet their needs for manufacturability and cost management. Our light diffusion additives deliver a customer-specified mix of light transmission, light diffusion, and hiding power (the extent to which you can see the light source through the lens).

Meet your goals for light diffusion and light transmission with additives that provide more design and production flexibility than standard concentrates. Discover solutions for the range of transparent and translucent thermoplastics used in the automotive industry (typically PMMA and PC).

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  • Aesthetic and functional automotive lighting additives
  • Formulations can be tailored for specific lighting goals, including high diffusion and high transmission
  • Diffusion solutions are designed to create a soft, comfortable lighting experience where desired
  • Added hiding power helps keep the light source hidden



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