Thermally Conductive Materials

Fórmulas termoconductoras Therma-Tech™

Dissipate Heat, Reduce Weight

Therma-Tech™ Thermally Conductive Formulations are engineered to combine the heat transfer, dissipation, and cooling capabilities of metals with the design freedom, weight reduction, and cost advantages of thermoplastics. These materials are formulated using select engineering resins along with proprietary conductive additives, and have been shown to improve thermal conductivity by 50-100 times that of conventional plastics. 

Therma-Tech offers designers a versatile material solution for a wide range of heat-sensitive applications – including housings for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) – where protecting sensitive electronics against hotspot formation is critical. Traditional materials such as aluminum provide excellent thermal conductivity, but there is a tradeoff – aluminum is heavier, isn't easily formed into complex shapes, and inhibits part consolidation. In transportation and advanced mobility applications where every ounce counts, injection moldable Therma-Tech can offer total system cost reductions through functional integration, part consolidation, weight reduction, and other application-specific factors.

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  • Uniform heat dissipation and reduced hot spot formation
  • Injection moldable material enables design freedom and easier processing for more complex shapes
  • Part consolidation – allow for denser electronics placement while protecting against heat damage
  • Reduced total program life costs compared to aluminum
  • Inherent corrosion/oxidation resistance
  • Ideal for applications in a variety of industries including transportation/automotive, appliance and electrical and electronics

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