Electrically Conductive Dispersions

Silcosperse™ EC Electrically Conductive Additive Dispersions

Electrical Conductivity for Silicone

Silcosperse™ EC Electrically Conductive Dispersions provide silicone materials with a range of electrical conductivity. These additives allow silicone, normally an electrical insulator, to become an anti-static, static dissipative, or fully conductive material. This makes them suitable for a variety of uses and end markets, including transportation, energy, electrical & electronics, and films & coatings. Typical applications include resistors, printable electronics, flexible electronics, conductive films, and LED lighting components.

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  • Deliver a range of properties from anti-static through conductive
  • Achieve greater conductivity levels with lower loadings in single- and multi-wall nanotubes
  • Anti-static performance available at lower doses
  • Suitable for peroxide- or platinum-cured silicone formulations



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