Reinforced Formulations

Fórmulas reforzadas Colorant Chromatics™

Improved Mechanical Performance

Colorant Chromatics™ Reinforced Formulations offer the following reinforced high-temperature polymer and fluoropolymer functional materials, which can be further modified for specific color and medical properties:  

Carbon/Graphite Fiber  

These formulations can help increase the mechanical strength properties of injection molded parts with increased flex modulus. The conductive nature of the carbon fibers means these formulations can add conductivity and static dissipation performance. Good chemical resistance, excellent impact strength at cryogenic temperatures, and high-temperature resistance are inherent features of these functional formulations.  

Glass Fiber and Glass Beads  

These formulations are typically used for an injection molding process where improved dimensional stability is required. Additional processing and performance highlights include a wide service temperature, low flammability, excellent electrical and mechanical properties, good chemical resistance, and exceptional weatherability. Select from a wide variety of glass fibers and beads to meet the challenges of your specific application.  

Titanate Fiber  

Increase mechanical strength with titanate reinforced formulations while gaining chemical inertness and excellent cryogenic impact resistance. Typical applications include extruded components where abrasion resistance and cut-through resistance are required.  

All Colorant Chromatics Reinforced Formulations are based on ETFE, E-CTFE, FEP, PFA, MFA, THV, PVDF, PEI, PEEK, PES, PSU and PPSU resins. 

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  • Good chemical resistance
  • Resistant to cryogenic freezing and high temperatures
  • Estabilidad dimensional mejorada
  • Available in a wide range of reinforced formulations



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