Product Identification and Authentication

Cesa™ Percept™ Authentication Technologies

Enables Positive Identification

Product/brand counterfeiting is a serious and growing global problem that negatively impacts consumers, businesses, and entire economies, with estimated costs of hundreds of billions of dollars annually. In addition, it costs hundreds of thousands of jobs, exposes consumers and workers to health and safety risks, has proven links to organized crime, and causes massive reductions in tax revenue.  

Una estrategia efectiva para combatir la falsificación es el uso de soluciones integradas basadas en polímeros. This approach is ideal for applications where durability is a concern and there is a need to verify the item's authenticity after the initial sale, for instance, in a warranty claim or litigation following product use. These overt and covert technologies embed unique identification into the polymer from which the product is made. So, it is indelibly linked to the item and cannot be removed or altered without mechanically altering the item itself.

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  • Enables brand owners to positively identify their products versus counterfeit products
  • Protects against lost sales and market share due to counterfeit or ‘gray market’ products
  • Reduces costs for warranty, liability, or product support
  • Reduces recall expenses
  • Preserves brand equity by protecting against wrongful accusations, consumer complaints, or legal actions
  • Minimizes potential harm to consumers
  • Secures supply chain integrity to allow safe expansion into new regions and countries



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