Low-Temperature Anti-Block Slip Sealing

Cesa™ Anti-Block Slip LS

Additives for Low-Temperature Sealing Layers in Flexible Packaging

Cesa™ Anti-Block Slip LS is a range of additives for flexible packaging that ensures smooth and efficient production of low-temperature layers in polyolefin mono-material films.

The additive’s formulation improves the processing performance of the packaging, providing a reliable and user-friendly experience for both film manufactures' and packaging convertors. It also helps convertors and brand owners by enabling the switch from multi-material to mono-material packaging, and enables convertors and brand owners to switch from difficult-to-recycle multi-material to a mono-material solution. 

With its ability to simplify packaging structures and reduce waste, Cesa Anti-Block Slip LS improves the recyclability of flexible polyolefin packaging and contributes towards a positive brand image in the market, enabling sustainability efforts, and improving brand perception.

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Recycle Solutions


  • Enables the transition from complex, multi-material flexible packaging to a recyclable mono-material solution
  • Provides anti-block and slip functionalities for low-temperature sealing layers
  • Helps to eliminate non-compatible film layers in polyolefin packaging
  • Improves yield during sorting and enhances post-consumer resin (PCR) quality, helping to reduce waste
  • Reduces environmental impact and carbon footprint associated with polyolefin packaging



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