Recycled Density Modified Formulations

Gravi-Tech™ REC Recycled Formulations

Sustainable and Density Modified 

Gravi-Tech™ REC recycled formulations are density modified engineered polymers based on recycled resin and/or filler from post-industrial recycled (PIR) and/or post-consumer recycled (PCR) sources. They offer a more sustainable alternative to density modified grades based on prime/virgin polymers.  

These polymer formulations have been developed to achieve equivalent performance to prime density modified solutions with added sustainability benefits, such as reducing waste and supporting the circular economy, and reducing product carbon footprint.    

They allow complex designs without expensive tooling and performance characteristics (density, corrosion and chemical resistance, mechanical performance) and can be customized depending on application need.  

Gravi-Tech REC recycled grades enable visual surface effects and aesthetics including metallic finish, cool touch and color variation, suitable for applications in packaging and consumer goods such as cosmetic caps and closures, perfume caps, spirit bottle caps and luxury boxes.

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Recycle Solutions


  • Customized density offering a wide range of specific gravities (1.5 - 11 gm/cm³)
  • Based on recycled resin and/or filler from post-industrial recycled (PIR) and/or post-consumer recycled (PCR) sources
  • Broad modulus range, from very flexible to very rigid grades
  • Corrosion resistance that withstands oxidization for long-term use and benefit
  • Chemical resistance can be adapted depending on base resin as required
  • Provides visual surface effects, aesthetics and cool touch
  • Design flexibility and processing ease



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Gravi-Tech™ REC Recycled Formulations Product/Service Overview Product key characteristics, markets and applications, and sustainability benefits Ver
Luxury Bottle Cap Case Study (Snapshot) Provided a more sustainable solution while keeping comparable performance characteristics to the prime grade previously used Ver
Perfume Cap Case Study (Snapshot) Provided a more sustainable solution with 60% recycled content while maintaining the performance characteristics of prime PP Ver
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