Pultrusion: Composite Fiber Rods

Fiber-Line™ Pultrusion Process

High Strength, Customized Solutions

Pultrusion is the process of impregnating and curing fibers in a resin system to form a rigid rod. The fibers are guided through tooling, formed into the desired shape and diameter, then cured. Resin chemistry is optimized for process conditions, fiber adhesion, and end-use application of the fiber reinforced polymer (FRP). Resin impregnated fibers are chemically cured with thermal or ultraviolet energy to form a highly crosslinked thermoset matrix.

Fiber-Line™ pultruded end products include:

  • Strength members
  • FRP rod
  • Tracer wire

Upjacketing is available for pultruded composite rods, and is ideal for loose tube cable designs. This extruded polymer jacketing is available up to 17.0 mm. Common resins include MDPE, HDPE, PVDF, PVC and Nylon. Low smoke, low halogen, flame rated and custom colors are also available for upjacketed composite rods.

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  • 0.25mm-5.00mm sizes available
  • Dielectric properties (exception of carbon fiber)
  • Round, oval & rectangular shapes available
  • Swellcoat™ Blocker water blocking coating available
  • Upjacketing up to 17.00 mm available
  • Rod printing available for accurate length reading


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