Anti-Rat & Anti-Termite Additives

Cesa™ Aversive Technology

Extremely Low-Concern for Long-Term Protection

Protect your wire and cable or other products from rats, or termites with these low-concern masterbatches. El principio activo utilizado no es hidroscópico, no migra dentro del polímero y resiste la lixiviación en condiciones típicas. Avient también puede desarrollar fórmulas que incorporan otras propiedades para mejorar el procesamiento o las propiedades mecánicas. Cesa™ Aversive Technology is not available in North America.

Cesa Aversive Technologies are classified as an Avient Sustainable Solution. Low-concern solutions like this are increasingly required in many countries, where additives such as lindane, pyrethroids, copper naphthenate and other substances are either banned or progressively replaced.

Along with desirable dispersion properties, these additives are easily used in extrusion applications. As a substitute for metallic armor, glass roving or special engineering polymers such as PA12, which are often adopted to protect cables from hostile animals, anti-termite and anti-rat additive concentrates provide a cost-effective alternative to other methods.

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Human Health and Safety Human Health & Safety


  • Extremely low-concern with no harmful effects on human health and the environment
  • Long-term solution to avert rats, when used in cable jacketing or protective corrugated pipe
  • Compliant with BPR EU N. 528/2012 PT19 requirements



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Cesa™ Aversive Technology Product/Service Overview Aditivos de concentrados de color para la protección de cables contra ratas y termitas a largo plazo, de conformidad con la BPR de la UE. Ver
Descripción de soluciones de color y aditivos Product/Service Overview Descripción y funcionalidad de los colorantes y aditivos Ver
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