Polyolefin Formulations

Fórmulas de poliolefina Maxxam™

Durable and Impact Resistant

Maxxam™ formulations are based on polypropylene and polyethylene resins and can be filled and reinforced to satisfy the required performance characteristic. They can be blended with glass, minerals, impact modifiers, colorants and stabilizer systems, providing customized solutions to meet specific application needs.

This customization makes Maxxam™ formulations suitable for use across many industries including transportation, industrial, consumer, electrical and electronic, and building and construction.

Maxxam™ formulations are only available outside of North America.

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  • Customized performance characteristics depending on application needs
  • Good stiffness, durability, impact resistance and UV stability
  • Can be formulated for injection molding, extrusion or blow molding processes
  • Applicable to the transportation, industrial, consumer, electrical and electronic, and building and construction industries



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Copper Resistance and Processability for HVAC Mechanical Door Case Study (Snapshot) Customized Maxxam™ formulation provides copper resistance and improved processability for HVAC mechanical door Ver
Electric Vehicle Part Case Study (Snapshot) Maxxam polyolefin replaces aluminum and reduces weight in electric vehicle part Ver
HVAC Door Flap - Denso - Case Study Caso de estudio Maxxam™  Polyolefin Formulations solution exceeded performance requirements, eliminated overmolding, and reduced cycle times.  Ver
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