Fiber Tracer Technology

Cesa™ Fiber Tracer Concentrates 

Confirm the Origin of Fibers

Traceability plays an important role in the textile industry to confirm brand ownership or to support labels for specific features such as recycled content or biopolymer content. However, due to the complexity of the supply chain, it is becoming increasingly difficult for fiber manufacturers and brand owners to trace back the origin of garments and other types of fabrics. 

Cesa™ fiber tracers are concentrates that contain a unique and personalized taggant incorporated into the fibers during the spin-dyeing process. Their presence in the fibers can be detected during specific tests to confirm the ownership of the fibers to a specific customer/product line the textile originated from. Cesa fiber tracers contain no hazardous raw materials and comply with key fiber regulations. They can be combined with color into a combination concentrate for added convenience. 

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  • Unique and personalized tracer for customer/product lines
  • Available for polyester and polyamide (nylon), including recycled grades – possibility to develop solutions for bio-polymers
  • No impact on spinnability, color, or yarn properties
  • Can be combined with color into a single solution
  • Supplied with a testing service package



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