Plastisol-Based Adhesives

Adhesivos CORE™ Plastisol

Strong, Versatile Adhesion

CORE™ Plastisol Adhesives offer versatility and strength across key applications. Designed for use in automotive air and oil filters, our Filter Adhesives provide strong adhesion to a number of endcap materials, including steel, aluminum and polyester. They are chemically foamed to provide outstanding dimensional stability while maintaining filter performance, even under extreme conditions. Heavy metal free, low VOC grades and custom formulations available.

Our Laminating Adhesives are suitable for use with multiple substrates, including fabric, paper and plastic films, to support applications such as tarps, tents, wall coverings and shades. Custom formulations are available, and can be developed to meet specific flammability and anti-fungal requirements.

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  • Filter Adhesives have approvals from major automotive OEMs
  • Superior oil resistance
  • High viscosity grades eliminate drips on top filter cap
  • Regulatory compliant grades for Laminating Adhesives including non-phthalate, Prop-65 and REACH



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