Vinyl Powder Coating and Dip Molding

Whether you are looking for flexibility, color or chemical resistance, our line of vinyl powder coating and dip molding formulations can help you meet your production goals.

CORE™ VBX Series Vinyl Powder Formulations ideally match automotive industry applications by being specially designed to meet automotive OEM requirements.  

CORE™ Vinyl Powder Coating Formulations can be customized with additives such as heat or light stabilizers, color pigments, flame retardants or blowing agents. With fluidized bed and electrostatic spray coating, you can achieve salt spray resistance, cold temperature flexibility, and adhere dark color to metal substrates without a primer.

Contact our experts for more information on these high performing, versatile formulations.


CORE™ Vinyl Powder Coating Formulations

Provide a balance of fusion characteristics and physical properties that result in easier handling characteristics compared to liquid coating systems and high plasticizer absorption.


CORE™ VBX Series Vinyl Powder Formulations

These powders are formulated to meet automotive OEM requirements for interior door panels, instrument panels and seamless deployable airbags.

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