Low Smoke & Fume, Non-Halogen Formulations

ECCOH™ XL Cross-Linkable Solutions

Flame Retardance, Enhanced Performance

ECCOH™ XL Cross-Linkable Formulations enhance the performance of traditional ECCOH LSFOH solutions. Solutions, providing additional requirements such as oil resistance, chemical resistance, improved mechanical performance or service temperature of the cables.

The ECCOH XL range also includes dry silane, e-beam technology and moisture cured sioplas technologies. Sioplas technology provides ambient curing that offers new cable design possibilities for low-voltage cables while offering easy processing.

ECCOH XL Cross-Linkable Solutions can be used in the most demanding environments such as off-shore, sustainable energy infrastructure, marine, railways or automation applications.

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Sustainable Infrastructure


  • Non-halogen
  • Low smoke, toxicity & corrosiveness
  • Excellent electrical & mechanical properties
  • High chemical resistance - UV and Weather Resistant
  • High oil resistance
  • Dry silane, e-beam and moisture cured sioplas technologies



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ECCOH™ XL Cross Linkable Solutions
Nombre del producto Aplicaciones Descripción
ECCOH XL 8001 Solutions Insulation in low voltage, general performance cable in building and construction and shipboard industries Cross-linkable, moisture cured sioplas technology. Offers fast ambient curing, improved cable design for low voltage cables
ECCOH XL E-beam and dry silane solutions Oil and grease resistant, improved flexibility
ECCOH XL 8148 Solutions Photovoltaic cables used in solar power generation Good UV and weather resistance for permanent outdoors use. Can be used for both jacketing and insulation. Good processing speeds.
ECCOH XL 8148 for Photovoltaic Cable Case Study (Snapshot) ECCOH XL 8148 solutions bring UV resistance and fast processing to photovoltaic cable Ver
ECCOH™ XL Cross-Linkable Solutions Product/Service Overview Moisture-cured crosslinkable, low smoke and fume, non-halogen (LSFOH) formulation for flame retardant wire and cable applications Ver
ECCOH™ XL Cross-Linkable Solutions for Photovoltaic Cables - Product Bulletin Product/Service Overview Learn more about the key benefits of ECCOH XL Cross-Linkable Solutions for Photovoltaic Cables Ver
Optical Cable Sheath Case Study (Snapshot) ECCOH™ Thermoplastic Formulation provided anti-fungi and flame retardant solutions to optical cable sheath Ver
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