Yarn for Compression Packing


Fiber-Line™ Packing Yarn

Extend Pump and Valve Life

Fiber-Line™ packing yarns are coated at the filament level to improve yielding time and performance versus finished braid coatings. This process allows the coating resin to penetrate the fiber bundle before the yarns are braided, allowing for improved impregnation and a higher level of pickup, ultimately extending the life of the braid and reducing required maintenance.

Our performance enhancing coatings include PTFE, silicone oil, graphite and mineral oil. Fiber-Line™ packing yarns are well suited for applications including braided compression packing, packing rings, and packing materials for pumps and valves.

Yarn is supplied on a variety of colored, embossed and/or slit cardboard tubes to meet your equipment needs. Plastic, wood, or metal reels are also available. Contact us with dimensions you require.

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  • Filament level coating produces longer lasting packing products
  • Dissipates heat and reduces shaft wear
  • Excellent sealing and lubricity properties
  • Twisted products available for added strength
  • PFOA-free products available


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Popular Packing Yarn Products
FG# Descripción
FG13051 Aramid coated with silicone & PTFE coating
FG13397 Novoloid coated with silicone & PTFE coating
FG1350 Nomex coated with silicone & PTFE coating
** PTFE fiber with PTFE coating
FG11887 Acrylic yarn with silicone coating
Fiber-Line Engineered Fibers - Products & Applications Video Fiber-Line™ engineered fiber solutions are designed to meet the most specific and demanding requirements Ver
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