Specialty Liquid Toners for PC

ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Specialty Toners for PC

Provides Visual Clarity for PC Resins

PC is a popular material of choice thanks to its versatile characteristics and recyclability. It is increasingly replacing more traditional construction materials such as glass and acrylic, meaning the need for better color solutions has never been greater.

Avient’s ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Specialty Toners for PC is the cutting-edge liquid toner for PC resins on the market. It offers better visual clarity, color consistency and color dispersion in transparent PC resins compared to pigments, helping to retain transparent properties, and contamination prevention by keeping production lines clean. It also can prevent undesirable yellowness and greenness for PC chips.

ColorMatrix Optica toners have significant sustainability benefits as well. They use no heavy metal or restricted ingredients, color and material changeover time can be reduced, and meet the growing market need for a cost-effective solution.

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  • More accurate dosage on a small scale for better color consistency
  • Better color dispersion in transparent PC resin compared to pigments helping to retain transparent properties
  • Prevents contamination by keeping cleanliness in the production lines
  • Lower inventory, easier supply chain management
  • Prevents undesirable yellowness / greenness for PC chips
  • Better cost effectiveness with lower dosage



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ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Specialty Toner Solutions
Product Series Aplicaciones Description/Product Features
ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Specialty Toner for PC Series Appliance, Transportation, Electronics, Consumer Specialty toner for PC materials for premium surface finish, color consistency and better cost effectiveness
ColorMatrix™ Optica™ Specialty Toners for PC - Product Bulletin Product/Service Overview Cutting-edge liquid toner for polycarbonate resins that provides visual clarity for PC and improves aesthetics on the product surface Ver
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