Laser Technology

Aditivos CESA™ Laser

Promotes Efficient Laser Marking or Welding

Cesa™ Laser Additives allow manufacturers to optimize the use of laser technology to create markings or assemble plastic parts.  

Laser marking can be used to create unique product codes (UPC) and branding or decorative patterns on different plastics, effectively replacing labels. Our laser marking concentrates give manufacturers control in laser marking polymers with speed and clarity. They can be customized for specific resin and laser types. We can help you qualify Cesa concentrates during product development using our in-house marking systems.

Laser welding is an alternative to chemical adhesives or mechanical assembly as it avoids mechanical stress, surface damage, and minimizes flash and particle development. Our laser welding concentrates help achieve high-quality and durable welds for different thermoplastics and assembly combinations, i.e., transparent/black, transparent/color, color/color, and black/black parts.

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  • Supports optimal use of laser technology for marking or welding plastic parts
  • Suitable for a variety of processes and thermoplastics
  • Laser marking solutions offer high contrast, permanent and repeatable markings
  • Laser welding solutions promote high-quality and durable seams
  • Product guidance and technical support for your specific project



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