Global food contact legislation

In many regions there are extensive rules governing materials and articles that may contact food. Such regulations usually stipulate which chemicals are permitted to be used in plastic articles that will contact food, and may set restrictions on permitted use levels, or levels of chemicals that may migrate into the food stuffs.

Further information and advice is available on:

  • European Union: Regulation 10/2011, AP(89) purity requirements for colorants
  • United states Food and Drug Administration Code of Federal Regulations and Food Contact Notifications
  • Latin American food contact legislation: MERCOSUR/GMC/RES. Nº 32/07 MERCOSUR/GMC/RES Nº 15/10
  • China standard GB 9685-2008
  • Purity requirements for colorants that will contact food

Important Notice

The information provided is given in good faith and is based on our knowledge at this time. Avient and ColorMatrix Group Inc. make no warranties or representations, express or implied regarding the use of the above mentioned products. It is the responsibility of the finished article manufacturer to ensure that all relevant requirements are met.

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