EV battery for vehicle
Enhance Electric Vehicle Battery Design and Performance Discover the advantages of using engineered polymers in EV battery applications. Más
Industrial gears
Can Polyketone (PK) Materials Provide an Alternative to Polyoxymethylene (POM)? Download this free study to determine if PK can address POM’s toxicity and sustainability issues without sacrificing performance. Más
compuestos avanzados
Advanced Composites Explained This comprehensive guide covers everything from the basics of composites to the properties, advantages, and common applications. Más
Materiales para movilidad superior Descubra cómo los materiales hacen posible la movilidad personal del futuro. Más
Nylon 6 vs. Nylon 66 Explore the differences between nylon 6 and nylon 66 to find out which is right for you. Más
Benefits of Metal Replacement Why consider plastics in lieu of metal? Read some of the primary benefits. Más
Ammo Maker Gets Revolutionary Learn more about how PolyCase Ammunition improved design and function with high-density composites. Más
Lightweighting Mistakes
Evite los errores relacionados con el poco peso Four ways to ensure you don’t take any missteps when removing weight. Más
Eliminate paint? No problem Masterbatch approach eliminates added cost, chemical volatility of painting. Más
Heat Dissipation Solution One manufacturer cut heat sink costs and improved agility for LED lighting assemblies by replacing aluminum. Más
Radiation Shielding Without Lead Global medical device OEM outpaces competition with non-lead CT scanner components. Más
Cutting Weight, Freeing Design With help from PolyOne, auto parts manufacturer HellermannTyton finds a nylon lightweighting solution. Más
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