Why Local Food Production is Trending

ColorForward 2022 sees a growing movement toward national self-sufficiency and self-interest

Glowcalization Idea

Glowcalization is one of four societal trends in ColorForward 2022, the annual Avient color forecasting guide for the plastics industry. Five associated colors can be expected to influence consumers in the next few years.

Seeking self-sufficiency
After many years of increasing focus on globalization and interdependence among nations, the ColorForward team sees a growing trend toward national self-sufficiency and even self-interest. Of course, this is visible in Brexit and similar movements toward nationalism and even isolationism. But those developments tend to be more political, while the Avient trend watchers see the shift as being more practical. Governments —and big tech firms -- increasingly control the kind of information can be found on the internet, creating a less worldwide web that some are calling the “Splinternet.”

Countries like Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates have virtually no local food production so, as the pandemic lock-downs took effect, people in these regions worried about not being able to feed themselves. Even countries with more local production found themselves with shortages of various household goods, personal protective equipment and the like. The Glocalization trend story also recognizes the development of new agricultural techniques (like hydroponics and aeroponics) and the extension of block-chain technology as a way of ensuring that people really know where their food and other goods are coming from, and have a better sense of self-sufficiency on a personal and national level.  

The colors
To represent the idea of agriculture, as well as the traceability made possible by the block chain, the ColorForward team chose a purely natural kiwi-colored green, called The blockiwi. To connect with the concept of sourcing renewable materials, this color is produced using a biodegradable and compostable bioplastic. Next, a bright fuchsia was selected to represent the growing focus on home-grown, local brands and products. Called Local pride, it will also be laser-marked with a QR code like those that allow consumers to trace the origin of their food. Rusty Express is a somewhat dirty orange with a hint of black, intended to bring to mind those ubiquitous, often-rusty shipping containers that dominate international commerce. It is produced using liquid-crystal polymer (LCP) Sumikasuper® E6007LHF-MR Z supplied by Sumitomo Chemical Co., a material often used for metal replacement applications. The “Splinternet” is represented by World Wild Web, a light denim blue with a metallic effect. Offering some neutrality in the Glocalization palette is You say potato, I say vodka. This yellow, reddish beige stands for all that is essential in the world.

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