Is your coconut water as fresh as you think?

In the last 10 years coconut water has seen exponential growth thanks to numerous health benefits espoused by the coconut water industry, slick marketing campaigns, and celebrity endorsements. Dubbed by some as "miracle water," coconut water has long been a popular drink in the tropics, especially in India, along the Brazilian Coast, Southeast Asia, Pacific Islands, Africa, and the Caribbean, and the product's growth trend is set to continue till at least 2020. 

It is likely that the health benefits surrounding coconut water are contributing to its  popularity, but did you know coconut water is highly sensitive and will only retain its important vitamins and minerals if packaged correctly?

Packaging selection for sensitive contents is a significant decision; that's why we've created this whitepaper: Packaging of Long Shelf-life Coconut Water in PET Bottles for Greater Consumer Appeal.

Download our Whitepaper to Learn:

  • If the packaging you plan to use will protect your contents properly

  • How to create superior package that will extend your product's shelf-life without compromising taste

  • Why the right packaging can capture maximum consumer engagement with shelf-appeal opportunities 

Packaging of Long Shelf-life Coconut Water in PET Bottles for Greater Consumer Appeal

Discover how Avient’s ColorMatrix Amosorb oxygen scavengers and Ultimate UV™ light barrier can protect coconut water from oxygen and light-induced degradation

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