Long Carbon & Glass Fiber Composites

Termoplásticos estructurales de fibra reforzada larga Complēt™

Metal Replacement Solution

PlastiComp Complēt™ long carbon and glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics are structural injection molding composites with metal replacement performance.  

Long fiber technology provides structural performance that can go head-to-head with metals at a fraction of their weight while retaining the processing ease of injection molding, accelerating lightweighting initiatives across a broad range of industries, including automotive, aerospace and sporting goods.  

With appropriate material selection and part design optimization, long carbon fiber materials can reduce the weight of components up to 50% compared to aluminum.

Complēt PKE and Complēt REC thermoplastics offer further sustainable benefits through design and production. Complēt PKE composites are made from polyketone which combines eco-conscious material consumption and VOC reduction during manufacturing. Complēt REC is made using post-consumer recycled (PCR) nylon 6 resin, post-industrial recycled (PIR) nylon 66 resin, or PIR thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) resin.  

Complēt formulations can be customized using engineering resins, from PA to PEEK, for optimal material performance in your specific applications and enable you to produce products that are tougher, stronger and lighter.

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  • Improved strength and toughness vs. short fiber
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Retains performance across low and elevated temperatures
  • Load carrying creep and fatigue resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Very good corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Can be processed on standard injection molding machines


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Complēt™ Solutions
Long Fiber Technologies Aplicaciones Description/Product Features
Complēt™ LGF Transportation underhood and powertrain, off-road recreational vehicles, automotive aftermarket parts, portable tools and equipment, and healthcare Long glass fiber reinforced engineering resins with enhanced mechanical properties that obtain metal-like structural capabilities. Provides high impact and fatigue resistance
Complēt™ LCF Sports and recreation gear, aerospace interiors, robotics, and industrial equipment Higher performance long carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics for weight sensitive applications or more load-carrying capability
Complēt™ Hybrid Sports and recreation gear or automotive underhood and powertrain Synergistically combines long carbon and long glass fiber together in a unified material to optimize performance and cost
Complēt™ MT Sports and recreation gear or industrial equipment Maximum toughness, long fiber reinforced nylon 6 or 66 formulated for extra impact and fatigue resistance for demanding applications
Complēt™ Moisture Resistant Automotive, powersports, automotive aftermarket parts and consumer applications Long fiber reinforced nylon 6 or 66 composites providing consistent performance in moisture-rich environments. Long glass fiber formulations offer surface appearance free of visible fiber
Complēt™ REC Sports & recreation gear, office furnishings, or automotive Post-consumer recycled (PCR) and post-industrial recycled (PIR) resins up-engineered with long fiber reinforcement. Recycled resin content customizable to meet performance and sustainability requirements
Complēt™ PKE Pipes, tubing, fluid management, electrical connectors, battery components, under-the-hood fuel/chemical contact components, non-structural interior components, oil and gas components Long glass fiber reinforced polyketone that delivers excellent chemical resistance, low moisture uptake, and dimensional stability similar to nylon (PA6 and PA66). They also offer over 2x higher impact properties than short fiber reinforced solutions, while maintaining impact properties in cold and demanding environments
Automotive Aftermarket Side Step Application Snapshot Moisture-resistant Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced formulation improves strength, design freedom, and finish Ver
Internal Frame Structure for Hunting Backpack Application Snapshot Injection molded Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced nylon composite delivered high stiffness and low weight while simplifying manufacturing Ver
Advanced Simulation Capabilities for Structural Applications Webinars & Videos Learn more about enhanced modeling and design technology capabilities to more accurately predict long fiber reinforced thermoplastic performance in structural metal replacement applications Ver
Aerospace Passenger Seating Components Application Snapshot Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced PES composite reduced weight 40% and met FAA requirements for flammability and survivability Ver
Automotive Removable Roof Bracket Application Snapshot Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced polyphthalamide composite replaced steel in bracket securing roof panels and achieved an 80% weight reduction Ver
Automotive Steering Column Bracket Application Snapshot Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced nylon composite replaced metal steering column supports and lowered weight by 50% Ver
Avient Long Fiber Technology Webinars & Videos Provides structural performance that can go head-to-head with metals at a fraction of the weight Ver
Bettcher Industries – Case Study Caso de estudio Metal replacement, design improvements and Complēt™ long fiber technology provide powerful solution for Bettcher Industries Ver
Complēt PKE Formulations - Product Bulletin Boletín del producto Overview of key characteristics, markets and applications for Complēt PKE Formulations Ver
Complēt REC Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Webinars & Videos Introducing Complēt REC long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFT) containing post consumer and post industrial recycled material Ver
Complēt REC Technical Bulletin Boletín técnico Performance data and information on Complēt REC long fiber reinforced composites incorporating recycled resin Ver
Complēt/OnForce LFT Overview & Brand Brochure Folleto Optimize stiffness, strength, and toughness to obtain structural performance with lightweight long fiber reinforced thermoplastics.  Ver
Complēt™ & OnForce™ Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Guías de procesamiento Guidance on key elements of preparation and molding process for Complet & OnForce LFT Ver
Complēt™ and OnForce™ Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites - Design Guide Design Guide Download this guide to learn how to design ribs, bosses, and other features that stand the test of time, better ways to process LFT materials, what to do to minimize part defects and more about Complēt™ and OnForce™ Long Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites Ver
Complēt™ LFT - Stronger. Tougher. Más liviano. Webinars & Videos Compare the strength, toughness and weight of long fiber thermoplastics against other materials Ver
Complēt™ Moisture Resistant Long Fiber Thermoplastic Nylons Webinars & Videos Provide gradual moisture uptake to maintain structural properties longer Ver
Complēt™ Moisture Resistant Nylons - Technical Bulletin Boletín técnico Environmentally stabilized nylon 6 and 6/6 long fiber composites for application intermittently exposed to water high humidity that require consistent structural performance Ver
Craftech Non-Metallic Fasteners Application Snapshot Custom formulated and pre-colored Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced ETPU composite offered corrosion resistance while matching the structural capabilities of metal fasteners Ver
Engineered Materials for EV Batteries Infographic Discover engineered polymers to advance battery design and performance Ver
Environmentally Stabilized Composites - White Paper White Papers & eBooks Learn more about moisture resistant nylon long fiber reinforced composites Ver
Fan for Outdoor Blower and Vacuum Application Snapshot Proved material performance success through extensive Mold Flow and FEA simulations to prove concept without prototyping and minimize development costs Ver
Injection Molded Composite Baseball Bat Application Snapshot Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced composites allows deployment of injection molded material solution for design flexibility and customization Ver
Innovative Office Furniture Task Chair Application Snapshot Strategically positioned unidirectional tape inserts overmolded with Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite provide fatigue endurance to allow part reduction for office chair Ver
Personal Watercraft OEM Steering Column Application Snapshot Provided part consolidation, design consultation, and robust FEA support Ver
Piranha Marine Propeller Application Snapshot Complēt™ MT Long Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon 6 improved durability and vibration damping allowing the blades to flex and absorb energy from minor impacts Ver
Piranha Propeller - Case Study Caso de estudio Read how long fiber composites helped Piranha Propellers add toughness and design flexibility Ver
Scorpyd Crossbow Integrated Rail and Riser Application Snapshot Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced ETPU composite along with product design and performance analysis services create industry-first integrated rail and riser assembly for Scorpyd Crossbow Ver
Services Capabilities Overview Catálogos e información de productos Discover the comprehensive technical services available through Specialty Engineered Materials at Avient to assist customers Ver
Snowmobile Engine Mounting Bracket Application Snapshot Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced nylon composite replaced aluminum to provide better fatigue resistance and reduce weight Ver
Support Yoke for Hanging Industrial Motor Application Snapshot Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite supports the weight of a 25-pound motor without creep while being lower in weight and less costly to produce Ver
Trail Bicycle Rear Suspension Linkage Application Snapshot Complēt™ long carbon fiber reinforced ETPU composite reduced weight 33% and performance analysis services confirmed metal-to-thermoplastic conversion success Ver
Unified Seat Shell for Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Application Snapshot Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite consolidated multiple metal components into a unified seat shell permitting weight and cost reductions Ver
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