Bio-filled Polymer Formulations

Edgetek™ BIO Natural Filled Formulations

Premium Sustainable Aesthetic

Edgetek™ BIO polymers with natural fillers provide a more sustainable alternative to conventionally filled grades.

Utilizing a renewable plant source that would otherwise go to waste, these grades have a premium sustainable aesthetic and offer comparable performance to traditional grades. 

The combination of superior performance and low density makes Edgetek BIO solutions an excellent choice for technical applications in many industries such as automotive.

Using a natural, plant-based filler reduces the amount of prime resin in the formulation and can reduce carbon footprint. These grades are suitable for applications where sustainability is key and a premium surface finish is required including personal care items, household appliances, cosmetics packaging and some interior automotive parts. 

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  • Formulated with 15-25% bio-based filler, reducing the carbon footprint
  • Premium sustainable aesthetic
  • Comparable performance to conventional filled grades
  • Great colorability
  • FDA compliance can be obtained



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Edgetek™ BIO Formulations
Product Series Aplicaciones Descripción
Edgetek™ BIO 7300 Series Personal care items, household appliances, cosmetics packaging, interior automotive parts ABS-based grades with to 15-25% natural filler
Edgetek™ BIO Bio-filled Polymers - Difas Toothbrush - Application Snapshot Case Study (Snapshot) Learn how leading Turkish toothbrush brand, Difas, utilized bio-filled polymers for a new sustainable toothbrush  Ver
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