UV Stabilizers

Aditivos para estabilizador UV OnCap™

Reduce Harmful Effects of UV

Plastics and ultraviolet (UV) light don’t always mix.  If unprotected, white plastic can yellow and colored plastic can fade, leading to your products looking less than attractive over time. OnCap™ UV Stabilizer Additives improve product appearance and performance in long-term use by protecting plastics from UV radiation damage caused by the sun and even fluorescent lighting. La luz UV no solo acelera el color amarillento o el desteñido del color sino que también puede degradar las propiedades físicas y causar fragilidad. Los aditivos estabilizadores para UV ayudan a prevenir este deterioro y mantienen sus productos en buen estado por más tiempo.

OnCap UV additives are available globally for use in a wide variety of thermoplastics. Available in concentrated pellet, bead or liquid form, these unique additives have been shown to have excellent results in a number of processes, including Injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, and vacuum forming.

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  • Protects outdoor products and increases their useful life
  • Maintains product color and appearance, reduces surface crack formation, and retains impact properties
  • Lower die build-up means less downtime, fewer die cleanings, and greater production efficiency because of the low volatility of our additive
  • Allows for tunable protection of one, five or >15 years



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