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Webinar: Overmolding with Thermoplastic Composites Webinars & Videos Discover how to combine strength, performance and design flexibility through innovative materials and processes View
Webinar: Accelerate your speed to market Webinars & Videos Industrial design in combination with functional materials improves products and increases speed to market View
Compression Molding CFRTP - Video Webinars & Videos Heat. Form. Cool. Learn how to compression mold with Polystrand CFRTP View
Polystrand Reinforcement: Impact Resistance - Video Webinars & Videos See how thermoplastic composite tapes and laminates boost performance of traditional materials View
Advances in TPE Overmolding onto Nylon and Other Substrates - Webinar Webinars & Videos View our webinar on overmolding with thermoplastic elastomers View
How Packaging Designed with Soft Touch Can Jump Off the Shelf - Webinar Webinars & Videos View our webinar on packaging design with soft touch thermoplastic elastomers View
10 Common Mistakes Consumer Electronics Companies Make - Webinar Webinars & Videos View our webinar on common mistakes made by consumer electronics companies during material selection process View
Thermochromic Thermoplastic Elastomers - Video Webinars & Videos View our demonstration of color-sensing thermochromic TPEs View
Shape Memory Thermoplastic Elastomers - Video Webinars & Videos Demonstration of shape memory technology in response to thermal stimulus View
Redesigning What's Possible - Video Webinars & Videos Learn how Avient helps customers use the power of polymer technology to make great products. View
One Web Site, Infinite Possibilities - Video Webinars & Videos This video explores how the new Avient.com can help users explore new ideas and find just the right solution. View
Advanced Composites Webinar Webinars & Videos Take a closer look at the benefits of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites.  View
Lead Replacement to Achieve Radiation Shielding in Healthcare - Video Webinars & Videos Lead replacement to achieve radiation shielding in healthcare View
Webinar: Composite Sandwich Panels Webinars & Videos Explore Design & Material Selection of Composite Panels for Structural Components View
Innovation at Avient Idea Center - Video Webinars & Videos Discover how Avient helps customers innovate and differentiate View
InVisiO Color - Insight, Vision, Intelligent Operations - Video Webinars & Videos Explore the ways InVisiO works across your entire design process to provide market, technological and operational insight that inspires creative innovation View
Replace Traditional Materials with Polymers for LED Luminaires - Webinar Webinars & Videos Presentation on LED luminaire market opportunities for polymers View
Strategies in Light 2015 LED Presentation - Webinar Webinars & Videos Unlock Luminaire Design and Performance Possibilities - Strategies in Light 2015 Presentation View
Vibration Damping TPEs - Video Webinars & Videos Explore how this technology can reduce the effects of impact and vibration View
Solving Skin Irritation with Wearable Devices - Video Webinars & Videos View our webinar on causes and remedies for skin irritation from wearable devices View
How TPEs are Helping the Pharmaceutical Industry Grow - Webinar Webinars & Videos View our webinar on the benefits of TPEs in the pharmaceutical industry View
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