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White Papers & eBooks
Understanding TPE Performance for Enabling 5G Technologies White Papers & eBooks Study of the effects of formulation and thickness on the dielectric, signal transparency properties of Versaflex TPEs Ver
A guide to the spin-dyeing technology Informe Learn more about this fiber dyeing technology, its advantages, and our color and additives portfolio to support it. Ver
Protecting your CEEE Applications from Counterfeiters Informe Discover how Avient's in-plastic solution can protect against counterfeiting in E&E applications Ver
Evaluating the Performance of PKE for POM Replacement Informe Download this free study to determine if PKE can address POM's toxicity and sustainability issues without sacrificing performance Ver
Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites: Performance Advantages & Applications Informe Explore how the versatility of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites can help you minimize weight and maximize design efficiency. Ver
Environmentally Stabilized Composites - White Paper White Papers & eBooks Learn more about moisture resistant nylon long fiber reinforced composites Ver
Superior Packaging Impact with Anti-Fog - White Paper Informe Prevent fogging of your transparent food packaging Ver
Whitepaper: Sustainable Fiber Coloration Technology (Spin-Dyeing) White Papers & eBooks Take the next big step towards true sustainability in fashion textiles Ver
Trendwatch™ Overcoming 5G Component Challenges (English) Libros digitales A look at the trends and challenges of the 5G revolution, and next-gen materials engineered to help Ver
Whitepaper: Thermoplastic Composite Sandwich Panels Informe Design optimization, predictive tools and best practices for working with thermoplastic composite sandwich panels Ver
Microbial susceptibility of various polymers and evaluation of thermoplastic elastomers with antimicrobial additives Informe Examine the technical details of our research study to test against microbial attack, including the efficacy of GLS™ TPES with antimicrobial additives Ver
Chemically Resistant Polymers for Next Generation Devices Informe Examine the damaging effects chemicals can have on the plastic components and learn about preventing environmental stress cracking in consumer and healthcare applications Ver
Whitepaper: Composite Overmolding Part Optimization Informe Optimizing Part Design with Thermoplastic Composite Injection Overmolding: How localized reinforcement can reduce weight and improve performance Ver
TRENDWATCH™ Materials for Medical Wearables & Digital Health - eBook Libros digitales Learn why wearables and digital technologies are becoming so integral to personal health Ver
Consumer Electronics Noviembre de 2020 Libros digitales Una mirada a seis segmentos de tecnología listos para el crecimiento e ideas accionables para impulsar el rendimiento del producto Ver
Aditivos químicos espumantes líquidos: Informe Informe Explore las ventajas y diferencias de usar CFA líquidos versus convencionales Ver
SMART DESIGN™ The Design - Materials Connection - eBook White Papers & eBooks Why design and materials should be inextricably linked for successful products Ver
Smarter Materials™ High Performance Thermoplastics - eBook Libros digitales Learn about high-performance thermoplastics that surpass commodity and engineering resins with their exceptional capabilities Ver
Protección contra daños OnCap Light Shield: Informe Informe Información sobre la aplicación y el uso de aditivos de escudo contra la luz para proteger los productos del daño causado por esta Ver
TPE Overmolding Solutions for Engineering Thermoplastics - White Paper Informe The focus for this study was to develop thermoplastic elastomer compounds that would overmold onto substrates made from Nylon (PA), Polycarbonate (PC), Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS), and PC/ABS alloys Ver
Smart Materials™ Advanced Composites for Demanding Applications - eBook Libros digitales Take a comprehensive look at composite materials to help you identify the best solution for your needs Ver
TPEs with Improved Barrier Performance - White Paper Informe Recent developments of medium barrier, high barrier and super high barrier TPEs and their applications in food and medical packaging Ver
Trendwatch™: Medical Wearables + Digital Health - eBook Libros digitales Learn why wearables and digital technologies are becoming so integral to personal health Ver
Universal Polyamide Overmold Thermoplastic Elastomer - White Paper Informe Background of old nylon overmolding compared to new polyamide technology Ver
Smart Colorants™ - eBook Libros digitales Learn more about making the most of color: strategy, best practices and solutions Ver
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