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Cash Machine Tray Case Study (Snapshot) Stat-Tech™ formulations provide electrostatic discharge, flame retardant performance, and excellent stiffness for cash machine tray Ver
Vehicle Light Heat Sinks Case Study (Snapshot) Therma-Tech™ provided lighter weight solutions with required thermal conductivity for automotive light heat sinks Ver
Hearing Protection Headset Case Study (Snapshot) Gravi-Tech formulations meet acoustic performance test and reduce weight in ear defenders.  Ver
Seat Pan for Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite consolidated multiple metal parts to streamline manufacturing and assembly of an ATV seat pan Ver
EV Charging Gun Grip Case Study (Snapshot) Versaflex™ TPE Formulation provided chemical resistance and bonding for EV charging gun grip Ver
BOS - Battery S Frame Case Study (Snapshot) Nymax™ REC provides lightweight recycled solution for battery S frame.  Ver
Auto-Injector Housing - Medical Delivery Device Case Study (Snapshot) A custom, impact-modified Trilliant™ HC formulation plus technical services met key needs and accelerated commercialization for a drug delivery device Ver
Electric Vehicle Part Case Study (Snapshot) Maxxam polyolefin replaces aluminum and reduces weight in electric vehicle part Ver
Battery Pack and Cover for Vacuum Cleaner Case Study (Snapshot) Maxxam™ FR Flame Retardant Formulations provided certified material and added durability to vacuum battery pack and cover Ver
Utility Box Stiffener Case Study (Snapshot) Nymax™ REC Glass-Filled Formulations provide mechanical performance and stable raw material supply for utility box stiffeners Ver
Airgun Bullet Casing Case Study (Snapshot) Delivered a high-impact nylon formulation with equal performance and 80% less weight Ver
Specialty Furniture Fitting Case Study (Snapshot) LubriOne provides dimensional and processing stability for specialty furniture fitting Ver
Tubing Clamp for Biopharmaceutical Supply Company Case Study (Snapshot) Glass-filled, polyketone-based Trilliant™ HC formulation delivers durability, nylon alternative with improved chemical resistance to meet supply and performance demands Ver
Fan for Outdoor Blower and Vacuum Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt MT proved material performance success through extensive Mold Flow and FEA simulations to prove concept without prototyping and minimize development costs Ver
Battery Pack Housing Case Study (Snapshot) Provided a custom concentrate material for flexibility in tailoring static dissipation performance Ver
Vehicle Light Heat Sink Case Study (Snapshot) Therma-Tech™ provided thermal conductivity and reduced part weight in vehicle light heat sink Ver
Toy Gun Scope Case Study (Snapshot) Offered better surface finish and sustainstable formulations for toy gun scope Ver
Personal Watercraft OEM Steering Column Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt Hybrid Moisture Resistant Composite provided part consolidation, design consultation, and robust FEA support Ver
Luxury Bottle Cap Case Study (Snapshot) Provided a more sustainable solution while keeping comparable performance characteristics to the prime grade previously used Ver
Perfume Cap Case Study (Snapshot) Provided a more sustainable solution with 60% recycled content while maintaining the performance characteristics of prime PP Ver
ECCOH XL 8148 for Photovoltaic Cable Case Study (Snapshot) ECCOH XL 8148 solutions bring UV resistance and fast processing to photovoltaic cable Ver
SBD Cordless Power Tool Case Study (Snapshot) Offered material and high impact with good laser marking performance strength Ver
4G/5G Antenna Base Stations Case Study (Snapshot) PREPERM Low Loss Dielectric Solutions provide performance and processing benefits in antenna components.  Ver
ECCOH™ 5702 SEPAP - Riser Cables Case Study (Snapshot) ECCOH™ 5702 SEPAP formulations provide UV and chemical resistance and reduce weight in rise cable sheath Ver
ECCOH™ 6151 Formulation - Semi-tight Buffer, Indoor Duplex Cable Case Study (Snapshot) ECCOH™ 6151 Formulations provide stripability and low shrinkage in indoor semi-tight buffer cables Ver
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