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Around the world, in our more than 100 locations, Avient is committed to regulatory and legal compliance. It is an important aspect of our commitment to maintaining a well-run, international organization. 

To ensure that the information, policies and terms you need are readily available, we have compiled a library of important disclosures and disclaimers in this section, available for review at any time. 

Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers

Do you have questions about our global terms and conditions of sale or our privacy policy? Do you need to download our information systems use policy or learn about our operations in Canada? This section contains the regulatory, compliance, disclosure and disclaimer information you need.

If you have trouble finding the terms and conditions you need, contact us — we will get you the information you need to make an informed decision.


Corporate Documents
Animal Testing Policy Policies & Procedures We are committed to producing safe products complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards while avoiding unnecessary animal testing. Ver
Avient - Publication of UK Tax Strategy Material informativo corporativo Avient's Publication of UK Tax Strategy Ver
Avient Canada ULC Material informativo corporativo General information about Avient Canada ULC Ver
Avient Corporate Governance Guidelines Governance Guidelines Composition of the Board, director responsibilities, access to management and independent advisors, director compensation, and director orientation and continuing education Ver
Avient Corporate Privacy Statement Material informativo corporativo Explanation the type of information Avient collects and to inform you of the specific practices and guidelines that protect the security and confidentiality of your personal data.  Ver
Avient Environmental Policy Policies & Procedures Avient's commitment to environmental laws and regulations Ver
Avient Governance and Corporate Responsibility Committee Charter Committee Charters Membership, general purposes, duties and responsbilities, authority and committee meetings information Ver
Avient Product Stewardship Policy Policies & Procedures Avient ensures compliance with applicable regulatory requirements and industry standards and acts Ver
Avient Safety and Health Policy Policies & Procedures Avient's commitment to safety and health Ver
Avient Supplier Code of Conduct Supplier Code of Conduct Avient Corporation and subsidiaries supplier code of conduct Ver
Avient Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Goods and/or Services Terms & Conditions of Purchase These Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Goods and/or Services (“Terms of Purchase”) apply to and form an integral part of all requests for proposal, quotations and Purchase Orders.  Ver
California Transparency Act Disclosure Policies & Procedures Avient is an intermediate supplier of specialty polymers and related raw materials designed to meet the specifications of its manufacturing customers. Ver
Chemical Inventories Status Material informativo corporativo Chemical inventories status for Avient Ver
Classification and Labeling of Chemicals Policies & Procedures Classification and labeling of chemicals for Avient and ColorMatrix Group inc. Ver
Copyright and Legal Disclaimer Governance Guidelines Avient's Copyright and Legal Disclaimer Ver
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Policies & Procedures Avient Corporation provides equal opportunity in all aspects of its employment practices. Ver
Form 8937 Material informativo corporativo Report of organizational actions affecting basis of securities Ver
Global Chemical Management Policy Policies & Procedures At Avient, we strive to conduct our business activities in a manner that is protective of health and the environment, while using a scientific and risk-based approach to chemical management. Ver
Global Email Disclaimer Policies & Procedures List of Avient's global email disclaimers Ver
Global Food Contact Legislation Policies & Procedures Global food contact legislation for Avient Ver
Global Supplier Quality Manual Material informativo corporativo Without the dedication of our supplier base, Avient would not be able to achieve customer satisfaction, deliver conforming products or maintain our internal Quality Policy. Ver
Términos y condiciones de venta a nivel global Terms & Conditions of Sale These Terms and Conditions govern the sale of Products to another ("Buyer") by Avient Corporation and its affiliates ("Seller"). Ver
Information Systems Use Policy Policies & Procedures IT Systems Use Policy; Temporary Contract Workers/Independent Contractors Ver
Legislation, Regulatory Advice and Documentation Policies & Procedures View more information on various areas of legislation Ver
PolyOne Tekno Polimer Mühendislik Plastikleri Sanayi ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi (Turkish Legal Entity Information) Material informativo corporativo Turkish Legal Entity Information Ver
Standard Quality Response- North America Material informativo corporativo Quality response for North America and ColorMatrix Europe. Ver
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