green plastic pieces
Could polyketone be the next-generation nylon alternative? Understanding the performance attributes and limitations of polyketone Más
Mevopur for Increased Security of Supply
Increasing Supply Security for Medical Plastics Minimize the risk of supply disruptions for healthcare plastic colorants and functional additives Más
Mevopur Bio-based Polymer Solutions Idea Center Article Image_Small
Healthcare Bio-based Polymer Solutions Switching to bio-based solutions for adding color and performance to healthcare plastics Más
Changing Regulations of IVDR Understanding the relevant changes and resulting challenges of the EU IVDR Más
Medical Wearables
Medical Wearables: The New Frontier of Healthcare Listen in as we discuss a popular topic – medical wearables Más
The changing dynamics of USP
Changing Dynamics of USP Learn more about the what and when of the coming changes to USP 661 Más
What's the difference between fillers and reinforcements
What’s The Difference?™ Fillers & Reinforcements We take an objective look at the types of polymer fillers and reinforcements available and which ones will give you the results you’re seeking. Más
Exploring Fluoropolymers
Exploring Fluoropolymers A family of high-performance materials that are widely used today Más
What's the Difference™? TPEs vs. Silicones This high-level, objective look at both TPEs and LSR touches on some key topics to consider in three critical categories—design, production and performance—to help you make a more informed decision. Más
Protective Face Masks
Improving the Performance of Protective Face Masks Improved dielectric properties in face masks increases filtration efficiency and extends shelf life. Más
Libro electrónico Smarter Materials™ de Avient
High Performance Thermoplastics eBook A valuable resource for anyone considering these advanced polymers. Más
Visión global
Bringing Global Vision 2020’s USee™ to Life A Pioneering Vision Correction Solution for the Developing World Más
Calidad por diseño
Calidad por diseño Para reducir el riesgo de incumplimiento de la normativa establecida para dispositivos médicos y envases farmacéuticos, empecemos por el principio: conozcamos el trasfondo de los materiales usados y nuestro proceso de Calidad por diseño (QbD). Más
Wearable Medical eBook
TrendWatch: Medical Wearables + Digital Health Descubra por qué los materiales adecuados son importantes para satisfacer la demanda creciente Más
Descubra TPE (elastómeros termoplásticos) para Atención médica Find out how and where these game-changing materials are being used. Más
Regulatory Issues An overview on navigating through the regulatory maze. Más
FIVE WAYS TO ENHANCE ERGONOMICS Learn about the multiple benefits available when adding TPEs to your products. Más
Medical Stopper
Medical Stoppers, Improved Learn more about a specially formulated TPE that offers excellent resealing, low levels of coring, and better manufacturing efficiency compared to traditional materials. Más
TPE Tackles Critical Issues, Saves $100,000 Custom TPE addresses critical issues and delivers $100,000 in annual savings. Más
MEDICAL OEM Boosts Productivity Learn how this contract manufacturer reduced rejects and added $100,000 to its annual bottom line. Más
Improve Medical Overmolding Medical hose manufacturer lowers costs and achieves higher flow by switching to TPE. Más
TPE in Medical Device Saves $175,000 After turning to Avient for help, a manufacturer successfully reduces costs for a new valve insert by $175,000. Más
Microbe Protection for Catheters A breakthrough formulation improves the antimicrobial properties of tiny medical tubing. Más
Radiation Shielding Without Lead Global medical device OEM outpaces competition with non-lead CT scanner components. Más
Meeting FDA Requirements with TPE Innovative dosing adapter helps parents avoid dispensing too much liquid medication to their children, and achieves greater production efficiencies. Más
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