green plastic pieces
Could polyketone be the next-generation nylon alternative? Understanding the performance attributes and limitations of polyketone Más
Revolve Tripod
Composite Tripod Stands Out from the Crowd Innovative, rollable tripod design gains strength and durability from composites Más
Chemical Resistance of TPEs
Understanding the Chemical Resistance of TPEs Exploring the performance of various TPE types Más
Microbe Growth
Protecting Polymers from Microbe Growth Examine the research behind TPEs with antimicrobial additives Más
What's the Difference™? TPEs vs. Silicones This high-level, objective look at both TPEs and LSR touches on some key topics to consider in three critical categories—design, production and performance—to help you make a more informed decision. Más
Utilizing Ocean Plastic
Utilizing Ocean Plastic for a More Circular Economy Recycled content formulations help brand owners deliver on their sustainability goals, reduce waste, and work towards a circular economy. Más
sippy cup
TPE For Beginners Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are used to create durable products that we use everyday. Learn how to design with TPEs and the advantages of using this eco-friendly material. Más
Consumer Electronic Idea Center
Designing for Sustainability 4 Pillars of Sustainable Design for Consumer Electronics Más
Rada Knives
Cutting Edge Product Development with Rada Cutlery Design services and specialty materials combine for a differentiated new product line Más
Visión global
Bringing Global Vision 2020’s USee™ to Life A Pioneering Vision Correction Solution for the Developing World Más
Ski Boot Market
Ski Boot Design & Color Color and design are vital when pitching ski boots to different personality types. Más
Smarter Materials
Smarter Materials™ for Mobile Phone Cases Más
Smart Colorants™ Aprenda a usar tanto los colorantes sólidos como líquidos de manera efectiva. Más
TPE resistentes a las manchas de jean azul 4 Ways Blue Jean Stain Resistance TPEs Can Streamline Designs for White and Light-Colored Phone Cases Más
Tres maneras de mejorar el envasado para cosméticos Sepa cómo los TPE ayudan a los propietarios de las marcas y a los convertidores a crear envases para cosméticos duraderos. Más
¿Su agua de coco está tan fresca como cree? Aprenda más sobre la selección del material de envasado para contenidos sensibles. Más
Paddlesports Equipment Done Right Explore these three tips for designing paddlesports equipment that exceeds expectations. Más
TPE Grips for Indoor Applications See how adding a soft-touch grip to common household products can improve the sensory experience. Más
Amped-Up Off-Road Performance Mejore la experiencia todoterreno con materiales de polímeros avanzados que ofrecen innovación. Más
TPE Grips for Outdoor Applications See how adding a TPE grip can boost premium consumer value and attract new buyers. Más
TPEs for Portable Speakers See how thermoplastic elastomers can bring astounding design, increased performance and high durability to your electronic products. Más
Consumer Electronics and TPEs Discover how thermoplastic elastomers can change the game for consumer electronics design. Más
Regulatory Issues An overview on navigating through the regulatory maze. Más
VIDEO: Managing Skin Irritation for TPE Wearables This webinar highlights root causes and details remedies for wearable electronics designers. Más
Video: Using Thermochromic Effect TPEs Learn how to use TPEs that change color as temperature changes. Más
Three Ways That Soft Touch Enhances Consumer Products Learn how to enhance the aesthetics and ergonomics of your consumer product with TPEs. Más
Four Ways to Improve Surface Aesthetics with TPEs Learn four ways to improve your product's sensory and visual qualities with TPEs. Más
Winning Impact Modification: Using TPEs Discover how one manufacturer improved performance and reduced weight for $500,000 in annual savings. Más
TPE Tackles Critical Issues, Saves $100,000 Custom TPE addresses critical issues and delivers $100,000 in annual savings. Más
Garden Sprayer Gets a Grip A leading garden equipment manufacturer creates a new, high-end line of sprayers using TPEs to enhance quality, durability and aesthetics. Más
Vibration Reduction and More Manufacturer improves saw cover while increasing efficiency, reducing scrap and saving $55,000 annually with overmolding process. Más
Running Shoe Innovation with TPEs Find out how a premier shoe manufacturer created a breakthrough product that adapts to impact. Más
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