Cesa Additives Overview
CESA™ Additives Overview Discover the far-reaching uses for these versatile polymer additives
Ski Boots
Ski Boot Design & Color Color and design are vital when pitching ski boots to different personality types.
Shocking Advances For The Modern Phone Case How Shock Absorbing TPEs and TPU Perform in Impact Protection
Blue Jean Stain Resistant TPEs 4 Ways Blue Jean Stain Resistance TPEs Can Streamline Designs for White and Light-Colored Phone Cases
Three Ways to Enhance Cosmetic Packaging Discover how TPEs are helping brand owners and converters create cosmetic packaging that lasts.
Is your coconut water as fresh as you think? Learn more about packaging selection for sensitive contents.
Paddlesports Equipment Done Right Explore these three tips for designing paddlesports equipment that exceeds expectations.
TPE Grips for Indoor Applications See how adding a soft-touch grip to common household products can improve the sensory experience.
Amped-Up Off-Road Performance Boost the off road experience with advanced polymer materials that deliver innovation.
TPE Grips for Outdoor Applications See how adding a TPE grip can boost premium consumer value and attract new buyers.
TPEs for portable speakers See how thermoplastic elastomers can bring astounding design, increased performance and high durability to your electronic products.
Consumer Electronics and TPEs Discover how thermoplastic elastomers can change the game for consumer electronics design.
Regulatory Issues An overview on navigating through the regulatory maze.
VIDEO: Managing
skin irritation
for TPE wearables
This webinar highlights root causes and details remedies for wearable electronics designers.
VIDEO: Effective Vibration Damping Reduce the effects of impact and vibration with vibration-damping formulations that add value to your products in ways your customers can truly feel.
Video: Overmolding Advances Learn how to bring soft touch, vibration damping, impact cushioning and aesthetic appeal to your products in this webinar.
Video: Using Thermochromic Effect TPEs Learn how to use TPEs that change color as temperature changes.
THREE WAYS THAT SOFT TOUCH ENHANCES PRODUCTS Learn how to enhance the aesthetics and ergonomics of your consumer product with TPEs.
FOUR Ways to Improve Surface Aesthetics with TPEs Learn four ways to improve your product's sensory and visual qualities with TPEs.
Winning Impact Modification: Using TPEs Discover how one manufacturer improved performance and reduced weight for $500,000 in annual savings.
TPE tackles critical issues, saves $100,000 Custom TPE addresses critical issues and delivers $100,000 in annual savings.
Garden Sprayer Gets a Grip A leading garden equipment manufacturer creates a new, high-end line of sprayers using TPEs to enhance quality, durability and aesthetics.
Vibration reduction and more Manufacturer improves saw cover while increasing efficiency, reducing scrap and saving $55,000 annually with overmolding process.
AQUARIUM PUMPS GET A VINYL MAKEOVER Learn how a polymer switch reduced costs, improved efficiency and cut scrap.
Running Shoe Innovation with TPEs Find out how a premier shoe manufacturer created a breakthrough product that adapts to impact.
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