Powering Up


Energy production is in high demand. Our specialty polymers help produce or supply energy including fuel (oil/gas), electricity, and renewables. We have the material experience in a wide range of applications, including wind turbine components, energy storage batteries, and utility poles to help customers deliver value and innovation. Our full range of material solutions include photovoltaic wire and cable that enable renewable energy infrastructure, superior UV weathering protection for solar power installations, and continuous fiber-reinforced composites for structural wind turbine components.  

Focus Areas

Energía alternativa

Energía alternativa

Alternative energy is expanding quickly, and there is tremendous market potential. We have the material experience in a broad range of energy applications, including solar power, wind power, battery and fuel cells, to help you deliver value and innovation to your customers. 

Equipamiento electrónico

Equipamiento electrónico

Collaborate with Avient to find solutions to help differentiate your brand, increase product reliability, meet relevant standards and produce efficiently. 


Let’s collaborate to support your success in the alternative energy sector. Our polymer solutions are formulated specifically for your applications.

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