Completely Connected


Information moves fast.  In this rapidly evolving industry, you need to be able to meet your customers’ demands for ever-increasing bandwidth capabilities and faster data rates. That’s just one of the many challenges for communications providers. Whether your needs include flame retardance, low smoke & halogen options, anti-rodent and anti-termite additives, or materials that can withstand wide temperature variations, you can deliver with our comprehensive and customizable polymer solutions. With our global footprint, you can also be assured that our products meet regulatory and product specifications worldwide.  

Focus Areas

5G Applications

5G Applications

The growing volume of connected devices requires more base stations and higher frequencies. Our solutions enable faster, safer, and more reliable connections in antennas, lenses, screws, and other radio frequency parts.

Conectores y componentes

Choosing the right materials for your products can be a tricky process. Material selection can be a balancing act between over-engineering or underperformance. We help you select the optimal polymer system for your specific application.

Satellite Communications

Satellite Communications

Put our experience and technologies to work to develop specialty polymer solutions for portable satellite terminals or stationary land stations.

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