Industrial gears
Can Polyketone (PK) Materials Provide an Alternative to Polyoxymethylene (POM)? Download this free study to determine if PK can address POM’s toxicity and sustainability issues without sacrificing performance. Más
Solar Panels
Understanding the needs and challenges of photovoltaic cable Hear from Meenali Parsekar, Product Manager of Wire and Cable at Avient, to learn more on his take on manufacturing photovoltaic cable. Más
Composite Sandwhich Panels
Get to Know Composite Sandwich Structures Design optimization, predictive tools, and best practices for working with thermoplastic composite sandwich panels Más
Forming Methods and Applications Learn more about forming methods and applications that benefit from the advantages of CFRTPs Más
Rolls of fiber
Thermoplastic Composites Characteristics and Advantages Explore how the versatility of continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites can help you minimize weight and maximize design efficiency Más
green plastic pieces
Could polyketone be the next-generation nylon alternative? Understanding the performance attributes and limitations of polyketone Más
Tough Enough to Protect the Power Grid Modular ballistic protection made possible with GlasArmor™ composites Más
Revolve Tripod
Composite Tripod Stands Out from the Crowd Innovative, rollable tripod design gains strength and durability from composites Más
Chemical Resistance of TPEs
Understanding the Chemical Resistance of TPEs Exploring the performance of various TPE types Más
Fiber Optic Cable
New Horizons for Fiber Optic Cable The case for high-performance material solutions Más
Mevopur for Increased Security of Supply
Increasing Supply Security for Medical Plastics Minimize the risk of supply disruptions for healthcare plastic colorants and functional additives Más
Mevopur Bio-based Polymer Solutions Idea Center Article Image_Small
Healthcare Bio-based Polymer Solutions Switching to bio-based solutions for adding color and performance to healthcare plastics Más
Aesthetics of sustainable TPEs Featured Small
Balancing Beauty and Sustainability with TPEs Explore the design options & challenges of TPEs with sustainable content Más
Changing Regulations of IVDR Understanding the relevant changes and resulting challenges of the EU IVDR Más
Medical Wearables
Medical Wearables: The New Frontier of Healthcare Listen in as we discuss a popular topic – medical wearables Más
How to Protect Blow-Molded Bottles from Drop-Impact Damage
How to Protect Blow-Molded Bottles from Drop-Impact Damage Design bottles that will stay protected, despite drops and impact Más
How to Solve Pearlescence and Haze Challenges in Blow Molded Bottles
How to Solve Pearlescence and Haze Challenges in Blow Molded Bottles How to manage unwanted coloring in blow molded bottles Más
Emerging Trends and Top 10 Production Challenges for Blow Molded Bottles
Emerging Trends and Top 10 Production Challenges for Blow Molded Bottles Learn about exciting trends and commonly-faced production challenges Más
The changing dynamics of USP
Changing Dynamics of USP Learn more about the what and when of the coming changes to USP 661 Más
What's the difference between fillers and reinforcements
What’s The Difference?™ Fillers & Reinforcements We take an objective look at the types of polymer fillers and reinforcements available and which ones will give you the results you’re seeking. Más
Exploring Fluoropolymers
Exploring Fluoropolymers A family of high-performance materials that are widely used today Más
Reinforcing a Stronger Infrastructure
Reinforcing a Stronger Infrastructure Thermoplastic composites enable advancements in oil and gas pipe through corrosion resistance, reduced weight, and flexible reinforcement. Más
Transform product development with FEA
Transform Product Development with FEA Learn 4 ways engineering simulation aids the design process Más
ColorForward™ Prognosticating Color Trends Más
Aesthetix Collage
New Aesthetix Innovative Aesthetic Solutions for Thermoplastics Más
Carbon Fiber Composites
Carbon Fiber Composites Strong, lightweight alternative for metal and wood applications Más
Microbe Growth
Protecting Polymers from Microbe Growth Examine the research behind TPEs with antimicrobial additives Más
What's the Difference™? TPEs vs. Silicones This high-level, objective look at both TPEs and LSR touches on some key topics to consider in three critical categories—design, production and performance—to help you make a more informed decision. Más
Closing the Packaging Loop
Closing the Packaging Loop with Post-consumer Recycled PET Oxygen scavenger reduces PET haze and improves recyclability for consumer packaging in the circular economy. Más
Reducing Weight in Automotive Parts
Reducing Weight in Automotive Parts Foaming agent decreases dashboard weight by 20% while improving part bending strength, ultimately enhancing vehicle safety. Más
Protective Face Masks
Improving the Performance of Protective Face Masks Improved dielectric properties in face masks increases filtration efficiency and extends shelf life. Más
Utilizing Ocean Plastic
Utilizing Ocean Plastic for a More Circular Economy Recycled content formulations help brand owners deliver on their sustainability goals, reduce waste, and work towards a circular economy. Más
Let's Get Circular
Let’s Get Circular Find out how Avient’s solutions are helping to help meet Germany’s ambitious sustainability targets for a plastics circular economy. Más
compuestos avanzados
Advanced Composites Explained This comprehensive guide covers everything from the basics of composites to the properties, advantages, and common applications. Más
Sandwich Panel
Lightweight and Strong Watch the webinar to explore the critical performance advantages of composite sandwich panels Más
sippy cup
TPE For Beginners Thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) are used to create durable products that we use everyday. Learn how to design with TPEs and the advantages of using this eco-friendly material. Más
In-House Plastisol
Considering In-House Plastisol Production? Weigh the pros and cons in these seven key categories Más
Weathering the Storm
Weathering the Storm with Advanced Composites Reliability and resilience of electrical transmission & distribution components gets a boost with fiber-reinforced composites Más
New Work City
The Changing Face of How and Where We Work ColorForward 2022 predicts shifting work/life balance will influence how people react to color Más
Care on Demand
What’s Next for Healthcare Systems? ColorForward 2022 forecasts accelerated acceptance of new approaches Más
Why Local Food Production is Trending ColorForward 2022 sees a growing movement toward national self-sufficiency and self-interest Más
ColorForward 2022 Predicts a Happier Ending to Isolation Think the Covid-19 pandemic is all clouds and no silver lining? Think again. Más
Consumer Electronic Idea Center
Designing for Sustainability 4 Pillars of Sustainable Design for Consumer Electronics Más
MIC Autodesk Webinar Idea Center Article
No Gambling on a Successful Molded-In Color Transition Discover our novel design and engineering approach enabling superior prediction of molded-in color aesthetics Más
Libro electrónico Smart Design™ de Avient
The Starting Point: Intrinsic Design Download our free eBook with actionable insights on materials-centered design. Más
Libro electrónico Smarter Materials™ de Avient
High Performance Thermoplastics eBook A valuable resource for anyone considering these advanced polymers. Más
Rada Knives
Cutting Edge Product Development with Rada Cutlery Design services and specialty materials combine for a differentiated new product line Más
Visión global
Bringing Global Vision 2020’s USee™ to Life A Pioneering Vision Correction Solution for the Developing World Más
Qué es FEA
Accelerate Product Development with Predictive Analytics Learn the basics of FEA: What it can do and how it helps Más
Calidad por diseño
Calidad por diseño Para reducir el riesgo de incumplimiento de la normativa establecida para dispositivos médicos y envases farmacéuticos, empecemos por el principio: conozcamos el trasfondo de los materiales usados y nuestro proceso de Calidad por diseño (QbD). Más
Men’s Grooming Packaging In the men’s grooming market, packaging is a crucial tool to attract consumers and get them to choose your product. Más
Ski Boot Market
Ski Boot Design & Color Color and design are vital when pitching ski boots to different personality types. Más
natural colorants idea
VIDEO: Colorantes OnColor™ Naturals Más
Smarter Materials
Smarter Materials™ for Mobile Phone Cases Más
Thermoset vs. Thermoplastic Polymer Matrix Más
Smart Colorants™ Aprenda a usar tanto los colorantes sólidos como líquidos de manera efectiva. Más
Wearable Medical eBook
TrendWatch: Medical Wearables + Digital Health Descubra por qué los materiales adecuados son importantes para satisfacer la demanda creciente Más
Compuestos avanzados para protección balística Vea cómo los compuestos de fibra continua suman seguridad y protección al mundo en que vivimos Más
TPE resistentes a las manchas de jean azul 4 Ways Blue Jean Stain Resistance TPEs Can Streamline Designs for White and Light-Colored Phone Cases Más
Polímeros de ingeniería para carcasas ADAS (sistemas avanzados de asistencia al conductor) Proteja los componentes electrónicos de su ADAS (sistema avanzado de asistencia al conductor) con conductividad térmica, disipación de estática y polímeros de blindaje EMI/RFI Más
Tres maneras de mejorar el envasado para cosméticos Sepa cómo los TPE ayudan a los propietarios de las marcas y a los convertidores a crear envases para cosméticos duraderos. Más
¿Su agua de coco está tan fresca como cree? Aprenda más sobre la selección del material de envasado para contenidos sensibles. Más
Impulse el atractivo interior del vehículo Equilibrar los factores sensoriales para captar la atención del consumidor. Más
Rellenos y refuerzos explicados Descubra cómo elegir el mejor relleno o refuerzo para sus necesidades de aplicación. Más
Superar metas Reduzca la fricción y el desgaste para mejorar la vida útil del sistema automotriz. Más
Materiales para movilidad superior Descubra cómo los materiales hacen posible la movilidad personal del futuro. Más
Anti-counterfeiting technologies Discover the pros and cons of anti-counterfeiting technologies. Más
Paddlesports Equipment Done Right Explore these three tips for designing paddlesports equipment that exceeds expectations. Más
Laser Marking Made Simple Learn how you can achieve permanent results with laser marking additives. Más
Structural Performance Gets an Upgrade Learn how a composite brace helped a major OEM create an underbody with lighter weight and improved structural integrity. Más
UV Barrier Additives These three considerations will help your application harness the power of UV barrier additives. Más
Three Color Mistakes to Avoid Discover the top three pitfalls to avoid in order to maximize color in your operations. Más
UV Light Blocking for PET Beverage Packaging Find out the top 5 benefits that UV light blockers for PET beverage packaging offer brand owners and packaging designers. Más
Get the Paint Out! These components win by losing the paint and saying yes to molded-in color. Más
TPE Grips for Indoor Applications See how adding a soft-touch grip to common household products can improve the sensory experience. Más
Amped-Up Off-Road Performance Mejore la experiencia todoterreno con materiales de polímeros avanzados que ofrecen innovación. Más
Automotive Color’s Role How can you use color to not only catch a buyer’s attention, but also their aspirations? Más
TPE Grips for Outdoor Applications See how adding a TPE grip can boost premium consumer value and attract new buyers. Más
Decrease LED Temperature, Increase Value Learn how polymers and design help manage heat in LED applications. Más
Fighting Fog in Food Packaging Additives can help provide a solution to unappealing fog and keep packages looking customer-friendly. Más
Automotive Design Trends Stay a step ahead of industry developments and design with consumers in mind. Más
The Secret to Controlling Interior Vehicle Dust Maintain a clean look throughout manufacturing, shipping and showroom display. Más
Nylon 6 vs. Nylon 66 Explore the differences between nylon 6 and nylon 66 to find out which is right for you. Más
Luxurious Packaging Your brand connotes luxury. Your packaging should too. Más
TPEs for Portable Speakers See how thermoplastic elastomers can bring astounding design, increased performance and high durability to your electronic products. Más
Consumer Electronics and TPEs Discover how thermoplastic elastomers can change the game for consumer electronics design. Más
Descubra TPE (elastómeros termoplásticos) para Atención médica Find out how and where these game-changing materials are being used. Más
Packaging Idea Center
Packaging Innovations Looking for attractive and functional packaging materials? Think TPEs. Más
Packaging That Saves Space See our patent-pending design that provides the functionality of rigid packaging in the most efficient footprint possible. Más
Explore Color & Design Learn how inspired color and design can engage the senses and emotions. Más
Combat Counterfeits Counterfeiting is a problem that extends well beyond the designer apparel and film industries. Are your products at risk? Más
Regulatory Issues An overview on navigating through the regulatory maze. Más
Benefits of Metal Replacement Why consider plastics in lieu of metal? Read some of the primary benefits. Más
Lightweighting Simplified An overview of the impact of removing weight, and subsequently improving ergonomics and fuel efficiency. Más
Ammo Maker Gets Revolutionary Learn more about how PolyCase Ammunition improved design and function with high-density composites. Más
VIDEO: Managing Skin Irritation for TPE Wearables This webinar highlights root causes and details remedies for wearable electronics designers. Más
Video: Avoid Mistakes in Consumer Electronics This webinar explains the top ten mistakes that consumer electronics manufacturers make during the material selection process and how they can be avoided. Más
How to Enhance Auto Interiors Learn how a material combined high quality, high productivity, and low production cost to meet the needs of both OEMs and their suppliers. Más
Three Ways That Soft Touch Enhances Consumer Products Learn how to enhance the aesthetics and ergonomics of your consumer product with TPEs. Más
Four Ways to Improve Surface Aesthetics with TPEs Learn four ways to improve your product's sensory and visual qualities with TPEs. Más
FIVE WAYS TO ENHANCE ERGONOMICS Learn about the multiple benefits available when adding TPEs to your products. Más
Video: Using Thermochromic Effect TPEs Learn how to use TPEs that change color as temperature changes. Más
Medical Stopper
Medical Stoppers, Improved Learn more about a specially formulated TPE that offers excellent resealing, low levels of coring, and better manufacturing efficiency compared to traditional materials. Más
Winning Impact Modification: Using TPEs Discover how one manufacturer improved performance and reduced weight for $500,000 in annual savings. Más
Lightweighting Mistakes
Evite los errores relacionados con el poco peso Four ways to ensure you don’t take any missteps when removing weight. Más
Achieving Color Harmony Read how we helped one electric carmaker shorten lead times and fine-tune color harmony in key molded interior parts. Más
TPE Tackles Critical Issues, Saves $100,000 Custom TPE addresses critical issues and delivers $100,000 in annual savings. Más
Garden Sprayer Gets a Grip A leading garden equipment manufacturer creates a new, high-end line of sprayers using TPEs to enhance quality, durability and aesthetics. Más
MEDICAL OEM Boosts Productivity Learn how this contract manufacturer reduced rejects and added $100,000 to its annual bottom line. Más
TPEs for safety, durability, branding Adding safety, durability and signature blue color gave one medical device manufacturer the edge on its competition. Más
Improve Medical Overmolding Medical hose manufacturer lowers costs and achieves higher flow by switching to TPE. Más
Vibration Reduction and More Manufacturer improves saw cover while increasing efficiency, reducing scrap and saving $55,000 annually with overmolding process. Más
Mouse Goes Premium with Soft Touch Enhanced user experience drives increased market share and over $400,000 in new sales revenue. Más
Protect Auto Interiors Find out how one supplier optimized properties, processing with UV-stable materials. Más
Eliminate paint? No problem Masterbatch approach eliminates added cost, chemical volatility of painting. Más
Tier 1
Tier 1 Drives Savings New material leads to cycle time improvement, reduced maintenance costs and color standardization. Más
Reducir costos en el cableado solar This single-layer jacket amps up photovoltaic wire offering for a leading manufacturer. Más
EMI Shielding Adds Speed Shielding connectors deliver higher speeds, lower costs than ever before. Más
Radiation Shielding Without Lead Global medical device OEM outpaces competition with non-lead CT scanner components. Más
TPE in Medical Device Saves $175,000 After turning to Avient for help, a manufacturer successfully reduces costs for a new valve insert by $175,000. Más
Heat Dissipation Solution One manufacturer cut heat sink costs and improved agility for LED lighting assemblies by replacing aluminum. Más
Durablility, Simplified Manufacturer finds improved durability and cost-effectiveness for plastic spinning tubes & bobbins. Más
Non-halogen TPEs in Electrical Junction Boxes Non-halogen boxes deliver production efficiencies and increase sustainability. Más
Microbe Protection for Catheters A breakthrough formulation improves the antimicrobial properties of tiny medical tubing. Más
RoHS Compliance Expands Markets Learn how Kalas expanded its offerings by reducing heavy metal in wire, cable. Más
Meeting FDA Requirements with TPE Innovative dosing adapter helps parents avoid dispensing too much liquid medication to their children, and achieves greater production efficiencies. Más
Savings and Appeal for Automotive Interior Automaker delivers 'wow' factor and $500,000 in annual savings with new colorant plus additive. Más
Running Shoe Innovation with TPEs Find out how a premier shoe manufacturer created a breakthrough product that adapts to impact. Más
Additives for Productivity Find out how a luxury European automaker met peak demand with a new cycle time reduction additive. Más
Cutting Weight, Freeing Design With help from PolyOne, auto parts manufacturer HellermannTyton finds a nylon lightweighting solution. Más
A Switch to Water-Based Inks Apparel printer switches to water-based inks to deliver new designs for Chicago marathon. Más
LED Heat Sinks A shift from metal drives an improved product line for one component manufacturer. Más
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