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View our interactive brochure to learn more about material solutions for off road vehicles.

When peering down the unforged trail or scoping out the next adventure, your customer shouldn’t have to think twice about whether or not their off-road vehicle is up for the challenge. They expect high-performance and durability to match their sense of adventure, complete the chore list and, candidly, withstand the abuse their vehicle is sure to endure. We’re ready to help you meet those expectations.

Leveraging the right combination of advanced polymer solutions, additives, color and design helps you differentiate, manage costs, and deliver dependable products your customers want. Achieve better durability, weatherabilty and heat management with cutting edge technologies. Enhance ride comfort with better ergonomics or reduced sound and vibration. Lighten the load with metal replacement options that don’t compromise stength or safety.

Whether you’re troubleshooting an existing project or shaping next-generation vehicles, contact our team to evaluate off-the-shelf solutions or discuss a custom forumulation. We’re ready with the knowledge and resources necessary to leave your competitors in the dust.


  • ATVs
  • Side by sides
  • Snowmobiles
  • Dirt bikes
  • Personal watercraft

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Unified Seat Shell for Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Case Study (Snapshot) Complēt™ long glass fiber reinforced nylon composite consolidated multiple metal components into a unified seat shell permitting weight and cost reductions Ver
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