Electrónica espacial y para redes ferroviarias

Materials for Airplane Electronic Systems

The circuits, wires, chips and systems that keep modern airliners, planes and trains running require new materials that insulate, eliminate electrical interference and prevent cross talk. Avient materials deliver the must-have safety and reliability you can’t design without to keep modern transit systems running.


  • Stat-Tech™ electrically conductive materials protect your systems from electromagnetic interference better than metal housings or secondary processes
  • Materials and design parts that optimize space
  • Counter the rising temperature of your electric systems by eliminating thermal pads and heat sinks
  • Bring tactile and visual appeal to your human-machine interface designs with GLS™ OnFlex™ TPEs

Nombre del producto Descripción Características Características
Stat-Tech™ Electrically conductive materials 102 -105 ohms/sq range Custom formulated physical properties
OnFlex™ TPE Soft-touch High heat and chemical resistance
Therma-Tech™ Thermally conducive materials Up to 20 W/mK Inherent corrosion/oxidation resistance
Geon™ Light diffusion polymer Diffuses light for soft, continuous appearance
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