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Gravi-tech for closures

Gravi-tech delivers premium spirits closures

As more brand owners adopt PET packaging for its on-the-go convenience, they rely on performance additives to deliver packaging that mimics the clarity and shelf life protection of glass. Also, as brand owners move from glass and metal, they are looking for heavier density polymers to help convey luxury and importance in spirits closures.


  • Liquid and masterbatch colorants to provide shelf appeal and product protection 
  • UV additives that deliver protection for your light sensitive products
  • O2 Scavengers that actively scavenging oxygen from sealed packages, increasing shelf life for O2 sensitive products
  • Soft touch TPEs for over molded caps to help your consumers open your products more easily
  • Barrier TPEs for synthetic corks, wine re-closures and tap values for bag in box applications

Gravi-Tech™ Density Modified Formulations for Luxury Cosmetics and Spirits Packaging Boletín de aplicación Add weight and aesthetics to your luxury packaging closure designs with density modified formulations Ver
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